Monday, November 9, 2009

Clean orgasmic pleasures

Darn it, the Christmas season is already starting! Barely time for turkey day! What is it with merchants and their penchant to overhype a holiday? Don't the realize that the only thing which needs a salespitch ALL yEAR ROUND is chocolate?!?

Not, of course, because we who love chocolate so are likely to abstain - heck, schoolbooks bought fifth or tenth hand if we have to, as long as we can afford a nice box of theobromine rich cacao snax. Chocolate is food, chocolate is sex, chocolate is sustainance for the soul, and chocolate is a clean orgasmic pleasure.

But never mind. I am so NOT buying Christmas presents yet. It's too early. You people are nuts.

On the other hand, if 'Woddy' wants to buy me chocolates, that's fine. No problem. It will be a pleasure. What kind of a name is 'Roderich' for a Chinatown boy anyway? Why did his mother choose a name with so many unpronouncable parts? She can't even say it herself - Woddy!

"Woddy, you gone store haaaah?"
"Woddy, you make tea now, yeahaaaah?"
"Woddy, finish soup, lah."
"Woddy, how 'bou you tell me your guhfeeehhn name, aaah!"
"You say her she ho-leeeeeeeng, aaahhhhh, Woddy."

First time someone call me ho leng, but I'm NOT his guhfeeehhn. No way. Him ho lek tsai, good at Spanish. Which is so not my language, why am I taking it this year even?
Even though the Mexicans did invent chocolate. Which is a clean orgasmic pleasure.

He's just helping me with my homework, lah. We sit at OPPOSITE sides of the table. With his sister in the same room. NOT GUHHHH-FWENNN! Gong chan ge.