Tuesday, November 16, 2010


On Sunday night in Berkeley, members of Jewish Voice for Peace displayed all their worst character flaws, and ganged up on a middle-aged handicapped woman.
At least, that's the gist of it, from what I can gather.

On Monday they came out with a press release that clearly suggested narrative collusion after the fact. Possibly they were worried that if it became known that they were bullies and hypocrites, impressionable people might no longer flock to their standard.

A fellow blogger rips their press release here:
[Jewish Voice for Peace - lies, distortion, and spin]

The victim of their gangsterism speaks here:
[Jewish Voice for Peace and bully tactics]

I asked one of the other attendees of Jewish Voice for Peace's little public boastfest what happened.

She wrote:

"The chairs in the room were arranged in a big circle. We began by introducing ourselves and discussing our plans for Thanksgiving. Lots of JVP'ers are spending Thanksgiving day on Alcatraz. It was oh so very very Berkeley.

Someone (a pro-Israel person?) began taping. They actively tried to stop her. A spirited discussion ensued about if it was legal or not to tape in a public venue. Were they planning to engage in any illegal activity? Was that why they objected to taping?

Then JVP introduced the students who interrupted Netanyahu. Rae Abileah from Code Pink, Matthew Taylor, 3 others. Oh, they were so proud of their brave, brave, young people!

They set up the video from their disruption. And that is when a pro-Israel person started reading from Chaim Herzog's 1975 speech to the UN on Zionism. Someone else asked Matthew Taylor about the psycho-sexual nature of his (Matthew Taylor's) foreskin restoration crusade. Had he tried any of the do it yourself procedures?

Two loudly angry JVP'ers attempted to prevent someone else taping. I think they were waving their fists at her and trying to push her. It looked very threatening. The victim of the JVP bullying was shoved into a corner, a wiry blonde thing grabbed her wrist, and the camera fell to the group.
And at that point, the shit hit the fan. Chaos and screaming.

Cecilie Shuransky had brought her little boy to the meeting . The turmoil just fascinated him - I suspect he said to his mom on the way home "It wasn't as boring as it usually is".

Rae whined "it's not the same. We interrupted the head of a state. You are interupting...us...powerless young people."

I really hate sinking to their depths.

End quote.

Well, the police were called. Seeing as this happened in Berkeley, you can probably guess which side they were on.

By the way, there appears to be a substantial overlap between IJAN, JVP, and several other groups. Why is it the same abrasively self-righteous "JVP" activists show up at so many events? Why do so many of them stand with people screaming approval of murder and support for ethnic cleansing?

Is it, perhaps, because like Matthew Taylor they have 'issues'?
Or like Rob, they have no social skills?
Maybe like Kate and her friends they wish to hurt their nearest and dearest.

Mr. Taylor, stop talking about your mythical prepuce. Rob, stop play-acting that you’re an old Jew-hating Presbyterian woman every Saturday. Kate, enjoy the remission, and stop blogging - you're a VERY silly writer.

All of you, get counseling.

Oh, and to the victim of Jewish Voice for Peace brutality, I could've told you that pepperspray wouldn't help. Those folks are rather like rabid animals, and the next time you should really use a Colt 45 long neck. Those things were developed to deal with violent Muslim fanatics, so they might actually stop a JVP activist too.
In any case, it's worth a shot.