Saturday, March 27, 2010

Down at Civic center last week: International Answer plus tie-dye and tee-shirts

Exactly a week ago, Dick Becker, Lily Haskell, Uhuru and the Black Socialist People's Party, as well as the Phillipino radicals who hate their parents, Queers for Gaza, Code Pink, the Anarcho-Simbionese, and various others, gathered to throw a big ole hissy in San Francisco Civic Center.

There are ten million people in the greater Bay Area.
Only five hundred showed up.
That's hardly anybody at all.
No wonder it wasn't really mentioned by the press.

Which is a pretty miserable showing, given that Richard Becker desperately TRIED to get as many people as possible down there. Even trucking in collaboraters and hairy radicals from Sacramento, the South Bay, and Marin County. And some frowsty old hippies from Petaluma.

Heck, the e-mails his co-conspirators sent out in the weeks leading up to the civic center hissy fit made it seem like it was the be-all and end-all of revolutionary events, gonna change your life oh my, please please PLEASE come! I must have received at least a dozen such e-mails myself.

I've seen better numbers at interpretive dance events. Which at least hold it together long enough to tell you something. Even if it is 'tofu butterflies and whales green planet' hooha.

Five hundred. If that many. Hah!

The only ones who were on the message were Lily Haskell of the Arab Resource Organizing Center (a crypto-Muslim extremist political group funded by the Tides Center) and her pet teenage hoodlums. Plus their unemployable older brothers and angry sisters. Who threatened the only Jews they could find. And waved their fists. And spat.
As is their habit.

Over on another blog, there's a discussion about whether Lily Haskell is sexually appealing. Personally, I don't think so (sorry, I just ain't into pasty white chicks), and that subject is about as germane as Grant Patel's frequent speculation about the smallness of Dick Becker's manly member. The answer is: WHO THE HELL CARES?!?!
It isn't Lily Haskell or Dick Becker's dubious sexuality that excites people's interest, but the ongoing struggle by both of those individuals to villify Jews and cause divisiveness. And who is, ultimately, funding their destructive efforts.
I think it's the Qataris, but it might also be the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches.

Speaking of which, there were also some hardcore bitter-faced protestants down at civic center. They applauded anemically whenever Dick Becker or his obedient Mexicana (Gloria) spoke. And they positively beamed with delight when the pimply Arab teenagers yelled "Free free Palestine". I guess the prospect of a free Palestine cheered their cheap souls - one with every purchase, buy two get the third one free, collect the set.

What any of this has to do with the war in Afghanistan beats the heck out of me. The whole thing seemed more like a bellyache and bitch orgy over everything else than the war. I think it was about Richard Becker's gout. Or his lack of a social life. Dick Becker looked more sour when it was over than I have EVER seen him. He's getting old. His teeth need work. His posture is sagging.
It must be very sad to be so utterly irrelevant.

There may have also been some Unitarians from Berkeley over there - I can't recognize those people, they all look alike.

Next time folks, leave the love beads, patchouli oil, and burning sage at home. Some of your friends smell funkoriffic enough already. Especially the Berkeley contingent.

And thank you for wasting my time.


Anyhow, this is another blogger's report on the event:

Quote: "Code pink. Veterans for Peace. The International Solidarity Movement. Bayan (Philippino something, didn't ask, can't stand those folks). Black Blok and other free-range anarchists. The nine-eleven conspiracy cults, representing seven different belief-systems - did you know the Masons were behind the attack? I didn't.Free Leonard Peltier. The Queer Insurrection. Revolutionary Labor organizers. Radical Vegans. " End quote.

This is where you can join the speculation about Lily Haskell's doubtful charms:

Quote: "you tend to operate like Hamas does and until you end that pattern of behavior there can be no peace. Blind hatred serves no one. ( ) Perhaps one day you'll be honest with yourself and admit that murdering Jews is anathema to peace. " End quote.

And, more than you could POSSIBLY want to read about Dick Becker:


Lily Haskell is of course the well-known firebrand who threatened to throw Zionists down an elevator shaft at a demonstration in 2008. She also got in trouble down in the Mission district for making unreasonable demands at a community meeting. Dick Becker is the pathetic old coot who runs International ANSWER in the Bay Area - he really has no life. Grant Patel, who seems obsessed with Dick Becker's measely little thingy, has not been heard of for several months (either he's in India, or Forest Schmidt whacked him for insulting his boy friend).
Oh, hello Wafeed and Mohanned, how's your sister doing? She get married to Fawzi yet?