Thursday, December 31, 2009

CodePink fits and shizzles

Those lovely ladies in rosy tootoos, known as CodePink, really had a (tofu) cow recently at their anti-Isreal and pro-Hamas fast in front of the Egyptian Consulate.
It was a very pink cow.

Turns out they don't like hummus.
The folks who showed up for a spontaneous anti-pink picnic offered them hummus - heavy on the cumin, olive oil (kosher virgin) and garlic, with nice soft pita bread - but the poor Berkeleyite maidenly Marxists manqué indicated that they much preferred Hamas.

Ladies, Hamas is inedible. Surely you know that? Not only inedible, but indigestible.

Anyhow, you sweet little thangs shouldn't have refused the hummus. It was gooooood!

For three days, for two hours each day, the ladies of CodePink refused, REFUSED, to eat anything. In public. At 276 Mallorca Way. In San Francisco.

[Described by a very perspicacious person here: ]

The reason was that they were upset, peevish even, because those evil Zionist conspirators (aka the Egyptian Government) wouldn't allow thirteen hundred middle-class pilgrims from Britain, Western Europe, and the United States to march through the sands into Gaza (aka a colony of Iran).
So they 'fasted'. For two whole hours a day.
Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday.
Oh, the sadness. Oh, the despair. Oh, the two hours without food.

It was very good hummus. More hummus, please, less hamas.

Their bloodsugar levels dropped precipitously, and they may have been short of breath at one point. They suffered intensely. It was the lowest they have ever been.

[Another perspicacious person described their agony here: ]

Anyhow, they'll be making up for it with a sunrise circle jerk, er, strike that, sunrise Iron Jane drum circle, with chanting and feathers and humming and all kindsa good stuff, down at Ocean Beach tomorrow 6 AM, with fire and everything! Organic hot cider! Spiritual blessings! Earth-mother karma! Prayers for whorled peas!

[As is perspicaciously outlined here: ]

The incomprehensible legacy of Medea Benjamin is filled with a soft golden light.
That's meaningfulness for you. It's either LSD or yoga, I'm not sure which.
I wonder how the folks who intend to burn an effigy next to them feel about that. But I have NO intention of joining either party, seeing as six o'clock in the morning at the beach in January is more than average insane.
I shall be warm in bed, in my flannel jammies with the little bunnywabbits and christmas bells which my aunt gave me.
Won't even be there in spirit. I ain't stupid.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry bonbons to me!

I got tons of stuff. And chocolate! Everyone gave me chocolate.
Give a girl chocolate, and she won't mind you at all. Yes, I know that does not sound very rewarding, does it? Perhaps not exactly what you had in mind.

Still, chocolate is a very good thing. Especially if you are trying to get closer to a woman.
Lots of chocolate. Eating one or two boxes at one time. It will have a profound and lasting effect on her.

Cute and yellow and chubby?

Oh yes. Yum baby.
Got the sound effects just right.
Thanks, Roddy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Caterpillar and Motorola: stock which the anti-Israel activists want you to buy

Golly gee, the meanies sent me an e-mail! Yay!

The 'US Campaign to end the Occupation' (basically, that's the wasp branch of Hamas and Islamic Jihad) wants EVERYBODY to buy stock in Caterpillar and Motorola. So as to get a vote at the shareholders' meetings.

Well, I might as well start my investment career now. I'm looking forward to it.

This is what the putzes (Katherine M. Fuchs et al) sent:

Hello all,

If you were at our annual Organizers' Conference last September, you already know that we're asking supporters of the Stop Caterkiller campaign to each purchase one share of Caterpillar stock before the end of the year.

While it may seem odd for a group pushing for divestment to encourage purchasing Caterpillar stock, there is a method to our madness. The real point of shareholder divestment is to pressure the corporation to divest of it's activities in the area of concern. With this in mind, once you become a Caterpillar shareholder you can 1) vote in favor of our resolution at the shareholder meeting and 2) support our protest activities inside the meeting by either attending yourself or designating a proxy. The reason we would like more turnout from our supporters at the shareholder meeting is that this has been the area where we've had the most success garnering media attention. The annual shareholder meeting is Caterpillar's day in the media's sun and if we can turn the attention from Cat's finances to their activities in Israel/Palestine it is a win for our campaign.

Three important things to keep in mind as you purchase stock and encourage friends to do the same:

Our purchasing of Cat stock should be kept quite for now. If Caterpillar learns of this strategy they may change the rules of the meeting to require more than one share for entry.

Time is of the essence. The cut-off date for shareholders receiving invitations to the meeting is fast approaching; I believe that this cut-off date is the end of the calendar year, so act now!

Let us know when you've confirmed your stock purchase so we can be in contact with you about shareholder meeting plans. You can email me at organizer[at]endtheoccupation[dot]org or call our office at 202-332-0994.

Please use the following instructions to purchase your share of Caterpillar Corporation:
You can purchase one share of Caterpillar stock for approximately $58.00. You can purchase one share of Motorola stock for approximately $9.00.

1. Go to and sign up for a free membership.
2. After you complete all the information to set up your account, you will need to wait for an email that indicates that your account has been approved.
3. Follow the instructions included in the approval email to complete the account set up.
4. Once your account is set up, login to Zecco and then click on the "trading" tab. Please note that you will have a username and password for your Zecco account, as well as a trading key to access your trading account.
5. Once you’ve signed into the Trading Center, check the current asking price of the stock you wish to purchase using the Caterpillar symbol (CAT) and/or Motorola symbol (MOT).
6. Next you will need to set up a trading account, which is separate from the Zecco account. Click on “Funding and Transfers” on the left hand side of the page and then click on “Open an Account”. Fill out all the required information and select the way in which you would like to fund your account. The easiest way is by electronic transfer link (ACH) from your bank account.
7. Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email to confirm that you application is being processed. The email will give you instructs to follow to complete the association between your bank account and your trading account.
8. When your account is approved, go back to the Trading Center and check the current asking price for the CAT and/or MOT stock.
9. Click on the “Funding and Transfers” tab in the Trading Center and then click on the “Deposit to Zecco Trading” tab. On this page you should see a drop down menu that shows your bank account. When you fill out the amount field to transfer money from your bank account to your Zecco account, you will need to add a few extra dollars to ensure that you have enough buying power to purchase the stock. Please note that there is a $4.50 transaction fee to process the transaction. If you do not transfer enough the first time, you will need to deposit additional funds. Each time you transfer money to Zecco there is a waiting period of a few days to complete the transaction. For example, if the cost of the stock is $9.00, you may wish to deposit $15.00 to be safe.
10. When the money has been successfully transferred to your Zecco account, go into the Trading Center and fill out the information to purchase the stock. Once you have completed this information and send the order, the transaction should be complete within a few hours.
11. You should receive confirmation of your transaction by mail within about a week of your purchase.

Thank you so much for supporting this project! Even if you can't attend the shareholder meeting in Chicago next June your ownership of Cat stock will enable you to designate a proxy (we will put you in touch with a Stop Caterkiller activist in the Chicago area if you request) to participate in our "inside strategy" at the shareholder meeting.

Peace & Power, Katherine M. Fuchs
National Organizer US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
PO Box 21539Washington DC, 20009


Hi Katherine, if you're reading this, go hump a camel. People like you are the poisonous dregs in American society, and the sooner you die (or get arrested for treason) the better.
Oh, and you're kinda stoooooooooooooooopid.
You and all your kind.

Readers, note this:

"Our purchasing of Cat stock should be kept quite for now. If Caterpillar learns of this strategy they may change the rules of the meeting to require more than one share for entry. "

Please feel free to let the entire world know. And if you can, send it back to Katherine M. Fuchs.
With my blessings.
Don't keep quiet. Ever.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Clean orgasmic pleasures

Darn it, the Christmas season is already starting! Barely time for turkey day! What is it with merchants and their penchant to overhype a holiday? Don't the realize that the only thing which needs a salespitch ALL yEAR ROUND is chocolate?!?

Not, of course, because we who love chocolate so are likely to abstain - heck, schoolbooks bought fifth or tenth hand if we have to, as long as we can afford a nice box of theobromine rich cacao snax. Chocolate is food, chocolate is sex, chocolate is sustainance for the soul, and chocolate is a clean orgasmic pleasure.

But never mind. I am so NOT buying Christmas presents yet. It's too early. You people are nuts.

On the other hand, if 'Woddy' wants to buy me chocolates, that's fine. No problem. It will be a pleasure. What kind of a name is 'Roderich' for a Chinatown boy anyway? Why did his mother choose a name with so many unpronouncable parts? She can't even say it herself - Woddy!

"Woddy, you gone store haaaah?"
"Woddy, you make tea now, yeahaaaah?"
"Woddy, finish soup, lah."
"Woddy, how 'bou you tell me your guhfeeehhn name, aaah!"
"You say her she ho-leeeeeeeng, aaahhhhh, Woddy."

First time someone call me ho leng, but I'm NOT his guhfeeehhn. No way. Him ho lek tsai, good at Spanish. Which is so not my language, why am I taking it this year even?
Even though the Mexicans did invent chocolate. Which is a clean orgasmic pleasure.

He's just helping me with my homework, lah. We sit at OPPOSITE sides of the table. With his sister in the same room. NOT GUHHHH-FWENNN! Gong chan ge.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


It was a friend's birthday the other day. So we had cake. I love cake!

The best cake in Chinatown is from a place on Stockton Street. It is crowded and busy and people bustle in and out. They have a very wide selection of mooncakes, and they are also well-regarded for their egg tarts and little custard pies. But they are best at cake.

The AA Bakery and Cafe
1068 Stockton St. San Francisco, CA 94108

That's pronounced 'wing hing beng kaa cha tsan-teeeeeeng!'
It means 'Eternal Prosperity Bakery and Tea-Cafeteria'.

It's fun sitting there and snarfing down something sweet with a big cup of milk-tea while watching aunties pushing and shoving at the counter, and the tourist people coming in, looking lost and baffled for a few moments, before sort of drifting out in a daze.

Folks, it's all affordable. So what if you don't know what it is. How hard is it to figure out that curry roll is savory, egg tart is sweet, and anything that looks like a cookie probably IS a cookie?
Yeah, a pineapple bun looks strange. Try it. Fifty cents really gonna break the bank?

But their cakes are superb! Best fruit chunks, angle food layers, and cream filling combinations in all of Chinatown. And they are artists, doing very beautiful icing sculpture too.

It isn't a real birthday celebration unless there's a cake from AA.

So how old IS he? About fifty five? Sixty?
He still LOOKS vibrant and vigorous - must be all that rich sweetened butter cream filling his joints. And the fruit. Fruit is healthy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Most miserable protest ever!

What a monumental waste of time. International ANSWER and Richard Becker were holding a protest down at the new Federal Building at Mission and Seventh, and it stank.

Okay, maybe about one hundred to one hundred and fifty middle-aged Berkeley nimrods showed up. Plus one or two idiots wearing those checkered shemag-type rags.

The speeches were all across the board. Very pointless. Some abgry Latin housewife ranted about the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. They arrested her last week and fined her several thousand dollars for littering and postering. The nerve! Ay madre Maria!

The fact that you get fined for littering, if you litter, is, apparently, a sign of horrible depravity and imperialist suppport for dumping daisy-cutters on Afghan farmers and recruiting fourteen year olds in the American school system. Oakland is just as bad. They're all icky bastards.

Richard Becker spoke too. It was very uninspiring, very unfocussed. Several other people screamed strident things into the microphone. There was some insipid and anemic chanting at some point.

No, it wasn't about Israel. I don't really know what it was about. The whole excercise seemed remarkably pointless. Maybe Grant Patel is right; maybe Richard Becker has lost his manhood. I wonder who the she-gorgon is who emasculated him. If that's the best that the America-hating commies on the West-Coast can do, there is nothing to fear. The twenty cops who were there could snuff the revolution out before anyone even blinked.

Pathetic. Stupid. Pointless. Loopy. Very San Francisco. Cold and windy. Bah.

Richard Becker, go back to the drawing board. And get some medical help for your manhood. Maybe it's not the size that is deficient (sorry, Grant), maybe it's the complete lack of testicular impressiveness to begin with. You are old, scruntchy, and sallow. Your teeth look rotten, and those glasses look rather goobus. You are a most unimpressive man. Richard Becker, you are a shallow and very silly weasel.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Admiring the artistic rapist

Two other bloggers have written about sex with a thirteen year old girl. My heavens, what is this world coming to? Shenanigans with a teenage girl! Exciting, lah!
Admittedly, neither one explores the erotic aspect of Roman Polanski's despoliation of the young lady in any way, but that they write of it at all indicates what a powerful influence the event had.
Quote: "Whoopi Goldberg is barking mad. Yesterday she said that what Roman Polanski did in 1977 wasn't 'rape rape'."
Quote: "France has finally conceded, albeit grudgingly, that committing statutory rape on an American girl is a crime. Even if the girl is very American (wow, naked Hollywood teenager!), and even if the rapist is a respected European artist."

Genius, intellectual, pedophile, rapist, sodomite, and .... FRENCH!

In short: Roman Polanski (Roman Rajmund Polański; born August 18, 1933), a much-admired European import in Hollywood in the prime of his life (44 years old), gives alcohol and drugs to a young girl (13 years old), removes her clothing despite her protestations, and forces himself upon her. Then, worried that an accidental pregnancy might testify to his crime, he decides instead to finish his act in her anus. After he has slaked his lusts, he tells the girl "don't tell your mother - this is our secret".

"Don't tell your mother about this; this is our secret."

He was arrested after thirty two years hiding out among his intellectual kindred:

The arrest prompted angry criticism on Monday from fellow filmmakers and actors across Europe.
"It seems inadmissible ... that an international cultural evening, paying homage to one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers, is used by police to apprehend him," says a petition circulating in France and signed by artists including Costa Gavras, Stefen Frears and Monica Bellucci.
Oscar-winning director Andrzej Wajda and other Polish filmmakers also appealed for the immediate release of Polanski

End quote

Inadmissible? What strange planet are you from?

In Paris, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said he hoped Polanski could be quickly freed by the Swiss, calling the apprehension a "bit sinister."
Polanski was "thrown to the lions," said French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand. "In the same way that there is a generous America that we like, there is also a scary America that has just shown its face."

End quote

"I said, like, 'No, no. I don't want to go in there. No, I don't want to do this. No', and then I didn't know what else to do."

With all due respect for the many talented people who believe that cinematographic excellence puts one above the law, and for all the serious intellectuals and culture pundits, both in France and elsewhere, I cannot but think that this is a sick sick world.
Roman Polanski is an unreconstructed, unapologetic, and incontrite child molester who fails to understand the gravity and sheer nastiness of his crime, and the people who call for his release are sick depraved bastards whose fame has gone to their heads.

He is not above the law, no matter how stupendous and important his contribution to movies. None of his fans are above the law, and none of them should use their high positions as bully pulpits to insist that one of theirs who committed a horrible offense somehow deserves immunity.
They are disgusting, and their hero-worship of Roman Polanski proves them unwholesome and undeserving of respect.

It's a question of VALUES - Hollywood and the European intelligentsia do not have any.
They are moral midgets and ethical invalids.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

one BIG bag of candy

Soooo goood!

I shouldn't have eaten it all, of course. But really, I had to. You see, Walgreens now carries large bags of small candy bars. Which are perfect for Halloween. So I had to test the merchandise, to see if this is what we want to give the kiddies when they come to the door in another month and a half.

Rigorous testing beforehand, in case it isn't the right stuff.

Nothing but the best for the urchins. And take it from me, they love KITKAT.

This is gonna be a good year for kitkat. Mini kitkat. Nice and crispy underneath their veil of chocolate.

Just to be on the safe side, I should probably buy another bag.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forty years of perfidy

It has been four decades since a Muslim eruption that has had a profound impact on the world of today.

But most people will be unaware of this fact. Because the group of Muslims involved has assiduously worked to obscure their actions, and the victims have with patient and civilized forbearance not stressed the issues.

Oh, the other reason naturally is that the Muslims in question are not Arabs, and the victims weren't Arabs either.

No whites or Arabs involved. So it doesn't matter.

"Officially, 196 people were killed between May 13 and July 31 as a result of the riots, although journalists and other observers have stated much higher figures. Other reports at the time suggest over 2,000 were killed.",_Malaysia_Race_Riots

Muslim behavior in Malaysia towards the Chinese and Indian minorities who developed the tin mines, market gardens, rubber plantations, and industries that allow the Malays to pretend towards first-world culture and achievement has been fairly atrocious.

It's enshrined in law, and called the Bumiputera Policy.

What it is, is a system of apartheid towards non-Malays (meaning: non-Muslims) in favor of people claiming to be natives - many of whom moved into the country from Java, Sumatra, and elsewhere in the Muslim world during the British period.
The Malay Peninsula till the eighteen hundreds had been jungle, sparsely inhabited along the coast. Chinese immigrants were brought in to work in the mines. Tamils worked the rubber plantations.
Muslims came in over the next several decades for the opportunity to rob Chinese and Tamils.

During Word War Two the Chinese Malayans were killed in large numbers by the Japanese.
The Muslims, on the other hand, collaborated lock-stock-and-barrel with the occupiers, and profited enormously from doing so.
In return for which, the British unwisely gave them independence, leading to the Malayan emergency when masses of poor Chinese in the hinterlands realized that the English were screwing them over and pandering to the thieves.

In 1969 the Malays rioted against the Chinese in many cities, killing thousands. Whereupon the Malay government decided to further exclude Chinese from the table, and imposed racialist apartheid laws. The Muslims are considered "native", Chinese and Tamils (many of whose families have been there for centuries) are labeled 'immigrants', and are legally discriminated against. Occasionally Malays kill a person of Chinese ancestry for funsies, especially up near the Thai border.

Malaysia is the only country left where there is still apartheid. But it's Muslim bigotry, against non-whites to boot, so it doesn't really matter.


So one of the other bloggers is reading Vladimir Nabokov's book Lolita now. What's fascinating, to me, is that she is barely older than the title character in the book. Which I read over a year ago.

Infectious Asian (Stephanie 周) these posts: 1. Lolita: 2. Nabokov and Lolita - Nymphets in the bellfry: 3. Charlotte Haze and her dishy daughter: 4. Oh no! Lolita has absconded! :

I cannot say that the characters in the book are very attractive. Lolita is described in a way that makes clear that her delightful physique (if you are inclined towards pedophilia) is not matched by any intellectual appeal. She is shallow, spoiled, whiny, and very impressed with herself. Having sex with older men, especially Humbert Humbert, seems to be her way of both asserting her individuality and affirming her own sense of self-worth.

Humbert Humbert is sympathetic in his gift for description, but that aside, a most unpleasant little man. Quilty is a pompous pervert. Several others are drips, bores, oafs, and mentally unstable.

The least likeable person in the book dies far too soon to give more than a nauseating aftertaste. Charlotte Haze is pretentious, vain, temperamental, and just plain mental. She is possibly the least mature individual in Nabokov's tale. Her sexuality, such as it is, is repulsive. She never grew up. I think that her predatory lust for Humbert Humbert represents a Lolita-like tendency in herself that was never satisfied. She is more frustrated, and has been so for far longer, than any grown-up woman should be. Consequently she is the comic relief.

Nabokov doesn't like minor characters providing amusement, so he kills her off in a dull way. Her friends and neighbors display more interest in her unbereaved widower's mental condition going forward than in her fate.
Understandable - there was nothing sad about it. It was fitting, and about time.

Swedish liars

Recently put another piece on Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers about the Swedish Blood-Libel.

This piece:
Swedish Lies Revisited

The reason for the article is that I'm simply trying to avoid reading the Goldstone report, as it is dense and full of pretension. So I'm changing the subject, to one I am by now very familiar with.

I've quoted at length from Barry Rubin, whose many articles can be found here:

There's lots of good stuff there.

The most recent article ( is about the professional murderer whom the Palestinians will see as their next fuhre.. leader.
He will no doubt be described by Berkeleyites as the be-all and end-all of sweet liberal secular-humanist saints. The Europeans, of course, will also love him.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grant Patel and the investigation of Richard Becker's thingy

So once again the pervert Grant Patel has raised mister Richard Becker's penis. As a subject of conversation. Asserting, once more, that it is well known to be a very small thing.

I don't know WHY he keeps bringing it up. He's the only person who is fascinated by it. As he proved himself to be all of summer.

[Richard Becker is the queen bee of International ANSWER on the West Coast. He's against everything good and wholesome, and one MIGHT think that he is so out of frustration. But there's also a psychopathic side to his dislikes - he's anti-Semitic, a racist, a leftwing bigot, and a thoroughly repulsive piece of work. He resides in San Francisco, not far from the offices of International ANSWER on Mission Street, and just around the corner from that hotbed of hatred, the Women's Building. Grant Patel probably lives right next door to Richard Becker, possibly even having a bedroom window view of Becker's bathroom. Or overlooking the patio where revolutionaires disport en-deshabille.]

Goodness gracious, mister Patel, but you are obsessed by Richard Becker!

And his ....... tiny penis!

In which our notorious Parsi goes into unconfirmable details about mister Richard Becker's tiny penis, waxing obscenely lyrical: "Poor chap cursed with a very tiny lor, the use of which is wellnigh impossible without tweezers and a profound sense of humor, both of which he is lacking. His frustration mounts with each failed mounting. Noodly appendage not even spaghetti strap dimension, and utterly void of horn. Poor basterd. Sod him."
This post details in the anonymous third person what can only be Grant Patel's own experiences: "The multitudes of trustworthy witnesses include many and several with unprintable yet very entertaining experiences in public washrooms, and on long greyhound bus trips, or of the probing cavity searches required of traveling terror supporters, and plus the very finest physicians and religious men - all of whom are profoundly knowledgeable about baby puds and boyish winkies, smooth as a gazelle's rump, and ALL of them remark and aver that Richard Becker has a tiny tiny penis."
Here Grant Patel goes over the top, implying that Richard Becker's penis is a shared interest: "Alack, odds bodkins, and zooks! How soon after our wholesome and cheerful disputation concerning the tiny penis of Richard Becker do you overlook me. Was the miniscule manlihood of International ANswer droodge Dick Becker the ONLY thing we had in common? You have no interest in me myself now that we argue NOT about how infinitally small and inconsequential is mister Richard Becker in his masculine appendum?"

Yes, these are your best posts, Grantikins. You have devoted much time and effort to the subject. It must fill every waking moment of yours, eh what?
The uninvolved observer might think Richard Becker's penis to be the very epitome of manliness and rigor, given the zest and energy that you have devoted to it's pursuit. Or rather, to it's description.

I, on the other hand, am fascinated not by Richard Becker's penis, of whatever dimension (or lack thereof) it may turn out to be, but by you. What possesses a man who calls himself a discriminating lawyer to devote so much energy to something so utterly unimportant?

Don't they have penises where you come from, mister Patel?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gaily waving my panties!

Provocative title, isn't it?

For the past three weeks or more I have been posting occassionally on PIBB (Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers), which is a forum started by Chaim ben David and Atboth.

The raison d'être of said blog is "an opportunity to vent, a useful resource, and a reference library for pro-Israel bloggers in the San Francisco Bay Area".

Here are some of my posts:

Saeb Erekat smoking crack
Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat appears to be under the influence of some hallucinatory substance. Judging by one of his recent utterances.

Sheikh Salam Hozeil - Righteousness is its own reward
There are Jews and Israelis who speak on behalf of Palestinians. Why aren't there Arabs who speak on behalf of Jews and Israel?

Tutu wishes a pox upon you
Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa seems to believe that guilt is the desirable state of mind of everyone who isn't a black South African.Or the karmic cousin of a saintly black South African.

There's much more where that came from. Really. Go ahead, click this link:
You'll be glad you did.

But but but, where are the panties?

Whence the charming title of this post, seeing as no undergarments are being actually waved?

Well, one of the two bloggers mentioned above once wrote that an eye-catching title pulls people in. And he must be right, because everytime I've mentioned panties, both Grant Patel and some amphibian have immediately commented underneath. So I thought I should use my panties constructively and thrill them to bits.

Now, please imagine that tight little bikini briefs with a print pattern of red red strawberries are being waved in your direction.
Hey guys, over here!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The eyes, they follow you around the room!

School started this week and already I'm exhausted. As I get older I realize that I have less in common with others, despite superficial similarities, and of course appearances. Heck, the appearances are perhaps the least noticeable things, because so many of us look alike.

And ninety nine point oomph percent of us wear glasses. It is our most prominent facial feature. Some of us pop out of the womb already wearing them (labor takes a bit longer in that case).

There's something at once comforting and threatening, disturbing, about seeing an entire class filled with featureless glinting eyes, that all look in the same direction. Windows on little pan faces.


No wonder half of the teachers are nuts.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bloodlibels and Swedish self-righteousness

When a newspaper publishes scurrilous calumnies about African Americans, Chinese (or Pacific Islander) Americans, Latinos, or even any other invented hyphenation of American that feels entitled to grievance, most decent people are outraged, and will gladly support the demand for some kind of redress.

When a newspaper deliberately publishes falsehoods that seek to rile up hatred and violent discrimination, perhaps the matter is so egregious that they must be condemned by all honest politicians?
Surely the government should speak out against the promotion of racial hatred and bigotry, if only to show that such matters are not tolerated in civilized society?

This is probably because righteous blond übermenshen cannot conceive of the possibility that anything they do might be objectionable. And in any case, the only ones complaining are "those people". You know, "those people" - îck îck pøø!
A vigorous Scandinavian dislike of Jews is a Germanic virtue.

"As documented in the Jerusalem Post, Boström freely admits that he has no evidence whatsoever to back up this blood libel, but indicated that it is up to Israelis to prove innocence in this matter. "
End quote.


"This is not an isolated incident, but part of an insidious pattern of Swedish funding of anti-Semitism. As the Post article also noted, "Much of the material in Boström's article came from a book he published in 2001 Inshallah which was jointly financed by the Swedish Foreign Ministry and various other government-backed organizations."
End quote.

In other words, the Swedish Government is directly involved in promoting lies about, and hatred of, Israel.

[But evenmore! Swedish state agency subsidizes Gothenburg terror conference - revealing Swedish government funding for a symposium seeking to 'remove the PFLP, Hamas and other terrorist organizations from the EU’s terror list', in order that the organizations in question could resume collecting funds legally in Europe. Also on the agenda were a total boycott of Israel and 'developing strategies to explain the need for armed resistance' (terrorism)]

However, Swedish duplicity is well known.

"NGO Monitor issued a comprehensive report in June 2009 detailing the history of Swedish official support for NGO's that demonize Israel with the inflammatory rhetoric of "apartheid," "ethnic cleansing," and "massacres.""
End quote.

The quotes above are on BLUE TRUTH, in this post, which you should read in its entirety.
The article's author, Dr. Mike, urges you to let the Swedish government know that this does not sit well with decent people.

A list of Swedish diplomatic offices can be found here , and the Swedish Consulate in San Francisco can be found here.
Their e-mail address is

I am sure they would just about love to hear from you.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Limbaugh is a moron

I really wonder what goes on in the narrow hickville lives of the great white interior. Do these people have any intellectual stimulation in their trailer parks? Is there anything at all that will make them think? Or is that ability entirely atrophied?

Why do they listen to Rush Limbaugh? They stooopid???!!!?!

Limbaugh compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler.
"Adolf Hitler, like Barack Obama, also ruled by dictate";
"(Obama)is sending out his brownshirts to head up opposition to genuine American citizens who want no part of what Barack Obama stands for and is trying to stuff down our throats";
"Obama is asking citizens to rat each other out like Hitler did".

Those opinions (and they hardly even qualify as opinions, being rather evidence of a lack of thinking), reflect a fundamentalist Christian, glow-in-the-dark conservative, ethnophobic, view of America.
A view that resonates among Rush Limbaugh's fellow Republicans.
Who are falling over each other to get into bed him.

Rudy Giuliani: "He's a very valuable and important voice."
Mitt Romney: "I listen to him."
John McCain: "A voice of a significant portion of our conservative movement in America".

Morons and poltroons, hacks and rank opportunists.
All contenders for the 2012 nomination, of course.

Colin Powell has been probably the only Republican with the stomes to reject Limbaughism. Which will no doubt ruin his reputation among the rant and file.

Rush Limbaugh represents racialism, bigotry, and extremist rhetoric towards everyone who is not white, not Republican, and not Christian.
Drivers of pickup trucks and other vehix commonly on cement blocks in front of the house seem to love him.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Honda Super Hawk

Man, that's one SWEET bike. Lots of torque, great power, and suitable for both city roads and the highway. Capable of great acceleration.

And boy, does it look SEXY!!!!

Judge for yourself:

Wow. I can just imagine having that amount of torque between my legs. That is a beast!!!!
Problem is, probably, that like the Kawasaki Ninja it is too large for me until I grow some more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The effects of Hysteria - a women's dis-ease

She's crazy! She suggested that I should hide it inside a stuffed animal!

No, I am NOT going to buy one of those things!!!!! Proper girls do NOT, I repeat, NOT, need a plastic doohicky for sticking in their whatevers! And hell will freeze over before I modify Richard to hide such a thing!!!!!! The very thought is utterly appalling!!!!

I like Richard the way he is now. All slumped over green and froggy. That's what a stuffed animal friend SHOULD be. Not erect and standing upright like an amphibian nazi. That is SO not his personality. And I am horrified to hear that she did that with her stuffed rabbit!

Note: The title references this:
Which is a very funny article about a medical condition. All things considered, it is surprising that western medicine has actually made any advances at all. The mythology has more insane charm than any amount of reality. Diagnosis: Hysteria. Now laugh maniacally.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I am SO not putting that anywhere!

So she suggested that I too should save up and buy one of those things. Which is pink. And shaped like a rather large lahp cherng or a small cucumber. But pink. She says it also comes in violet. Very femmy.

I should think not!

Then she said maybe she should give me one for my birthday. I can just imagine my folks reaction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loud screams all over China Town.
That would be one birthday gift I'd never see again.

Problem is she just might do it. Having discovered sex herself, or what passes for that in Chinese girls, she has become rather like a Christian missionary trying to spread the good word to her closest friends. I wonder if Mei and LingLing also know about it by now.
I'm rather scared to ask.

Good thing my birthday isn't till next year.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Building concentration camps

The internet is abuzz with rumours that the administration is building concentration camps, for the day when they round up all the Christians and Ron Paul supporters, and the black helicopters take over. Allegedly, these are "Fema camps".

Errrrm, I guess too many people have too much lead in their drinking water?

An internet search yields the following:

fema camps: ALL RESULTS 1-10 of 853,000 results

Wow. Nearly a million results. Sweet cheeses, the American people are barking mad.


On the other hand.....

latex fetish: ALL RESULTS 1-10 of 57,900,000 results

Now that's more like it! Praise be that the normal people outnumber the loonies!

It's all a matter of priorities and values.
Nearly sixty million hits on 'latex fetish'. That's nearly the same number as voted for the Republican ticket in the last presidential election (59,934,814).
I am glad to see that they are putting their frustration to use constructively.

That still leaves 2,034,814 who are probably convinced the Barrack Obama is an outer-space alien, and doesn't have a valid birth certificate - because he's the ANTI-CHRIST.

I would never have thought that Fox News had so many viewers.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hairy hairy quite contrary

A friend forwarded what is probably one of the goofiest things I've ever seen. It's a news article about a hairy person. Not that hairy persons are necessarily goofy. Even though real people do not have such an issue with hair. Whether excessive or otherwise. On our bodies. Because Asian skin does not produce a pelt.

Um. But onward.

By MARK PRATT, Associated Press Writer

(08-11) 10:07 PDT BOSTON (AP) -- A federal judge in Boston on Tuesday denied additional hair-removal treatments for a murderer who is seeking a taxpayer-funded sex-change operation, saying the inmate has failed to prove she will suffer "serious harm" without further electrolysis.

Michelle Kosilek also failed to prove that her rights have been violated by being denied hair-removal treatment, U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf said. Wolf, however, said he may revisit the issue if more information comes to light in state Department of Correction documents.
Kosilek, formerly known as Robert, is serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife, Cheryl, in 1990. He legally changed his name to Michelle in 1993 and has been living as a woman in an all-male prison.

Kosilek's lawyer argued in court that there is "serious medical need" for the treatments, which were discontinued in October after seven sessions.
The attorney, Joseph Sulman, said halting the treatment has negatively affected Kosilek's mental health.

A Department of Correction lawyer said there are cheaper alternatives for hair removal, including depilatories and shaving.
Sulman countered that shaving is a "quintessential male" activity.
Sulman also requested internal Department of Correction documents because agency officials have never explained why the electrolysis was stopped.
Prisons lawyer Richard McFarland called the request for documents a "fishing expedition" designed to "find some kind of conspiracy."

Wolf ruled in 2002 that Kosilek was entitled to treatment for gender-identity disorder, but stopped short of ordering sex-change surgery. Kosilek sued again in 2005, claiming denial of the surgery was making her suicidal.

State prison officials oppose Kosilek's request, saying it would create security problems.
Kosilek was in court Tuesday, but did not address the judge or speak publicly.


Okay. Too hairy. And I'm guessing that tweezers are not allowed in prison, coz you can kill someone with a well-directed pinch. Or nip. Or two-pronged jab. Draw blood. Maybe if it gets infected.

As Brüno says: Wass-ehvver!

Kosilek killed his wife, and is now living as a woman in an all male correctional facility. My guess is that conceiving of himself as female was not the intent of whatever correction they dished out there.
And I refuse to speculate on his sex-life. As a man. Who is female. In an all male-correctional facility. Where people get lonely at night. So very very lonely. And seek the warm companionship of whoever is available. In the same cell. Or showerstall.

This person may have problems.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sage advice

Great bumper sticker I saw on Grant Ave today.

It said:
Remember, FIRST pillage, THEN burn

Yeah, that expresses some of my feelings nicely. When in a few years I shall visit all the places where the horrible tourists now infesting the neighborhood come from, I shall endeavor to do just that.
France, Germany, and Nebraska will never have seen anything like it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

So how did your counterprotest go?

Hey Atboth and friends, did they hate your guts when you showed up yesterday? Did it give them agida? Where they unhappy to see pro-Israel Jews at Market and Montgomery?

Please write a post about it. Please!!!!!!!!!
I especially want to hear that the pork chop lady got peevish. Ever since she ran her randy eyes all over me I've really had it in for her.

Yes, do tell me she was there. And that you all gave her at the very least a horrible headache.
The other one, tall scarecrow with no evident brain, also deserves the nervous tension.
I really want to hear that the San Francisco Women In Black had a bad time. Maybe it will make them think twice about cozying up to Abdul and Mohammed and Raouf and all their friends running liquor stores in poor neighborhoods.
Of course, they could also be trying to get in good with Richar Becker of International Answer. Judging by what Grant Patel always says about him, he's just their type. So far less sexually threatening than Abdul, and Mohammed, and Raouf..... they probably just LOVE that.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ugly women and rowdy Jews

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month. That means that the San Francisco Women In Black will be down at Market and Montgomery Streets, showing once again that they're nicely tamed and domesticated, you need not fear them. They are not likely to be undigestibly Jewish. Because they do not support Israel. Really, Israel rather embaresses them, and they would be far happier if Israel did not exist. Honest.
It's just one of the ways in which they prove that they want to be as white as everybody else.
All nicely blended in.

The San Francisco Women In Black are the ugly women in the title of this post. I don't call them ugly because they are ugly (which many of them are, but they can't really help that), but because they are stupid. Very, very stupid.
The dull opacity of incomprehension and a massive failure to cogitate individually or collectively dimly glimmers from their faces. Their eyes reflect an emptiness and intellectual stillness quite shocking in its vacuity. Dull pits of despair too simplistic to even qualify as existential. These eyes are incapable of angst, merely managing a fashionable pc peevishness.
Especially so the bleary orbs of the frizzy haired troll who leered at me several months ago as if I were a hot patootie pork chop ripe for the picking.

'So velly solly, auntie, me NO likey frowsty dyke. Me disobedient wittle Chinee girlie. Bad. Bad!'


The rowdy Jews, of course, are the counter demonstrators who show up to irritate them and provide a rational point of view otherwise sadly lacking in San Francisco. They aren't rowdy because they are Jewish, but because they are smart. Which is also why they talk a lot more. At voluminous length. Word.
And yet more word. Lotsa word.

I would like to go down there, but I've got to work until seven. It would be nice to see if the other blogger shows up. Maybe next time.

Good luck guys. Have fun. Be loud.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Twins of a feather

Bill O'Reilly and Michael Savage just have gotta be related. Closely related. They are both unbased in objective reality, and they both hate nearly everybody.

I was, unfortunately, listening to Michael Savage at work (not my radio, so I can't turn it off), and when I got home Booboo was watching the O'Reilly.
And giggling and hooting.

Well, at least his head is in the right place. Better he should watch O'Reilly than world's dumbest criminals. Still a waste of time, though. It's like watching a very boring car crash. But it got me thinking. O'Reilly and Savage must have slept together or something. They're both sour old middle-aged men with lots of frustration. Two bitter halves of an old queen.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Multi tasking

So I mentioned sort of what it was that my friend had a few days ago. The object. Or tool. Which seems to be something only wild women have. Which is shaped like a part of a boys body. Electric.

And I was thinking.

If they built an ipod into one of those things, then every girl would want one. They'd just have to make sure that music mode and vibration mode were distinct. Because nobody wants Bruce Springsteen screaming out of their, ummm, unmentionable part.

Better yet, combine it with a cellphone and a calculator.
It would be da bomb.
I can already see that I have a future as a brilliant inventor ahead. My folks should be soooooooooooooooooo proud.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another blog

He also asked me to put another blog in my links.
Apparently Bray and Pinky blanace each other. I'm not so sure about that, Pinky is even more unintelligible. They sound very similar. I wonder if they're friends?

I think Bray reads Dovbear. If not, he should.
Maybe he or Pinky IS Dovbear?

New blogger - HaMavdil

One of the other bloggers sent me an e-mail telling me my life would become glorious, the sun would come out, and everything would come up blooming roses if I mentioned a new blog, and put a link on my roll.

Okay. I'm a sucker for such things.
AKA The Bray of Fundie - it's a blog embodies the triumph of substance over style!

Tried reading it. More than slightly baffling. I guess BoF must be a friend of his, or he likes abstruse subjects. But what the hey.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shocking pink and electric!

So she finally showed me exactly what the thing looks like. I had NO IDEA that they even made such things!!!!!!! It's sleek plastic and shaped kinda like a nineteen fifties rocket ship illustration, but whithout the fins. And she says it cost over a hundred bucks. Irridescent mother of pearl pink. It's very brightly hued. Betcha can't loose it even in the dark.

When she told me exactly what it was, and why it's used, I nearly spat out my milkshake. That was over a month ago. Today while we were at Walgreens she bought fresh batteries. So lucky that those aren't hard to find!!!!!

She told me later at Quickly's that the expensive kinds are silent, but the cheaper kinds sound like a chainsaw. I laughed so hard that melon tea came out of my nose.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer doldrums

Steffy left a comment that asked why I haven't posted more. Well, what can I say? It's summer break, and I'm working two part-time jobs. None of which have internet connection.
Is sad, is what.

Did you know that Dupont Street (which the white folks insist on calling Grant Avenue, for some strange explicable reason) is filled with foreigners? Real foreigners, not just Caucasians!
It turns out we're cute, unusual, and VERY photogenic! And so are our TALL buildings!!!!!
Perhaps they don't have buildings higher than two stories in Germany and France?
I know FOR A FACT that they don't have fish stores or other food stores there, they keep wanting to photograph ours.

How do foreigners buy food? Do they order it off the internet? Does Amazon deliver nice canned kwailo kibble? Or is "das ediebele fressenswertigung" issued in premeasured quantities by their governments every week?
They must eat sometime, I've seen them do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They eat here, their favorite dishes, too (sweet and sour pork, hot and sour soup, imperial rolls). We're SO LUCKY that we found out how to make those things!!!!!!!!!! If we hadn't, all those friendly foreigners would NEVER EVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS come to Chinatown. Which fills us all with frigging joy.

Daily Planet Watchdog and the bitter bitch

Several of my readers (hah! I have readers! Actual people who read my blog!) want me to write more. And several also want me to read more. Angry Rabbit, the Balding Redhead, and the pink toad (these are pseudonymes) all advise me to read a site for which they kindly yet insistently provide the link.

New blog in Berkeley:
Daily Planet Watchdog

Some lovely stuff.

First a multiple choice quiz.

"One should ask why anti-Semitism has persisted throughout the centuries. Let us go back to 539 BC, when Cyrus the Great, King of Persia, went to Babylonia and liberated Jews. One can ask why Jews were enslaved by Babylonians. Also, one can ask why Jews had problem with Egyptians, with Jesus, with Europeans, and in modern times with Germans? The answer, among other things, is their racist attitude that they are the 'Chosen People.' Because of this attitude, they do wrong to other people to the point that others turn against them, namely, become anti-Semite if you will."

Is the above from:

(a) Mel Gibson’s drunk driving police report
(b) Mein Kampf
(c) The Hamas Charter
(d) The Berkeley Daily Planet


Quoting liberally form the Daily Planet Watchdog:

"Like other Berkeley Daily Planet writers, Hallinan is obsessed with Israel. Many of his columns concern Israel in part or in whole. They are, of course, taken as a body, condemnatory. His non-Israel articles often deal with a defense of the Soviet Union and its clients--well, actually, we mean Russia, the rump remains of the Soviet Union. This might explain why he writes in the deadly dull and humorless style of a party apparatchik..........."

"So why does Becky O'Malley do it? To be sure, she is an extreme ideologue.
Some believe that she is driven by a hatred of all developers, while others believe that it is a hatred of Israel that obsessively drives her toward financial ruin.
We have a different theory. We all know "authors" whose great American novel went unappreciated by the many publishers to whom they applied, and who then, in desperation and delusion, self-publish. We believe that the Berkeley Daily Planet is Becky O'Malley's very own vanity press. Our epiphany came when O'Malley proclaimed to the editor of this website that she believes herself to be a wonderful writer.

"You will know we are in trouble if we pretend to be a non-profit and start asking you for dimes.
But what would really spell disaster for would be the reform of the DP. So, PLEASE, do not tell them that its reform would destroy us. We would lose our very purpose of existence.
In such an event, we would go bust, and it will be on your conscience.

"Why are advertisers flocking to the East Bay Express and shunning the Berkeley Daily Planet? Three reasons, we believe. First, The East Bay Express is a much better paper without being a purveyor of hate. Second, the Berkeley Daily Planet’s core demographic, Berkeley’s aging radicals, is of only marginal interest to most would be advertisers. Third, as a matter of practicality, advertising in the Berkeley Daily Planet does not attract customers."

"In this section of our website we hope to post positive statements about Ms. O’Malley’s improved performance. We regret that we have little to say yet. However, over time, we hope and believe that this will become the largest section of our website. In fact, we look forward to the day when the paper becomes so good that we can fold our tent, and go home. "

"The question as to whether the Berkeley Daily Planet is anti-Semitic can be divided into three parts:
First, has the Berkeley Daily Planet published unequivocally anti-Semitic op-eds, cartoons, and letters? Here, the answer is a definite YES.
Second, is the Berkeley Daily Planet in its totality an anti-Semitic newspaper? Here the answer, we believe, is PROBABLY.

"People we have met who know Becky O’Malley well most often use the words "angry" or "bitter" to describe her. As with most of her writings, O’Malley’s June 25, 2009 editorial is a rambling and utterly incoherent mess. All we can say is that it is some sort hysterical and flailing analysis of the whole world. About all that comes through is her bitterness and anger.
As usual with O’Malley, schoolyard taunts replace thought. So we learn that legislators in Sacramento are "chumps" and "idiots;" Israel’s elected leaders are "dreadful people" and "thugs;" British and New York legislators are all "fools."
Probably few of you actually read O’Malley’s editorials, but just this once we beg you to give it a try.
"It gets stranger and stranger the more one looks at it. After several readings, we have concluded that, at bottom, it is a diatribe against, of all things, democracy. "


Okay. I'll read it. You've convinced me.

Isn't the Daily Planet the newspaper that prints Joseph Anderson's angry Jew-hating rants? He doesn't like Jews, Whites, or Asians, does he?

Some of my best friends are Jews, Whites, and Asians.
And Berkeley sucks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something about a trashy affair

So Atboth finally told me what the case was! And it is spicy.

There's a man who was dating a woman with whom he had an agreement that they could see other people. So of course she did. And there was a fight or confrontation with that other person, who had a pattern of violent behavior, and the first man went and got a gun because the second man was threatening the woman.

And the rest is history. No deaths. The trial is about unlawful discharge.

One of them is black. One of them is Asian. And one of them is white. Well, Armenian, but I guess that's white. Albeit a very hairy white. More hairy than most whites. But still, white underneath the pelt. Even though from a distance he probably looks like Fozzy Bear.

What I want to know is were any of them sleeping with anyone. Or was this all multiple dating before any sackjumping took place. In which case, why shoot?

Atboth says he'll find out more, and tell me when he does.
I shall hold my breath now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jury of WHOSE peers?

Fellow blogger ATBOTH, for reasons best known to himself, has forwarded an e-mail he wrote to members of his department:


I am required to show up for jury duty tomorrow morning.

That means I may not be in all day tomorrow, but it could also mean that I will be at work in early afternoon.
I will be in the office by evening at the latest to review orders in any case.

All orders entered tomorrow will be reviewed before Friday morning. Orders entered on Friday will be reviewed before Monday.

Sorry for whatever inconvenience this causes. I too am flabbergasted to be considered a prospective member of a jury of some random somebody's peers - it is monumentally deflating to my ego in any case.

Well of course I am fascinated. Is it a murder case? Haphazard drunken brawling? A contentious divorce? Does it involve mugging, smuggling, guns and drugs, or mysterious Caucasian concubines?

You really must tell me. If it's interesting, and you get chosen. I just love reading about sleaze.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Motorbikes, summer dresses, and panties

Spiros, commenting on a previous post, wrote: "I beg to differ with your opinion re: Vespas. Millions of Italians, thousands of Mods, and plenty of young ladies in summer dresses have looked absolutely splendid on Vespas. They certainly have many practical shortcomings, but they look (and make their riders look) great. Try wearing a summer dress on the backof a hog sometime. "

Well now. How practical is a summer dress? Given that this is a windy city, and cold too, do you really suggest that I wear one? On a motorbike OR vespa?

Yeah, I know that would excite Grant Patel (who is a horrid pervert, don't forget), but I really do NOT want the breeze to expose my panties to the entire sidewalk world. If they're that interested in panties, they can buy their own.
Same goes for yellow thighs covered in goosebump.
Sorry, Spiros, vespas are out.

Please instead imagine me on a real motorbike. Then suggest what kind. The Kawasaki Ninja may be too heavy and brutish, even though that is what makes it so loveable. And hogs may be too expensive.
I'm thinking something Japanese. What about you? Vroom, baby, vroom.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Old pervert

Thank you for offering me tasty shrimp curry. But I will NEVER take you up on that offer - I just don't trust you. That last comment, about my 'juicies rumpouse', whatever the depraved heck you meant by that, PROVES that you are sick sick sick sick sick sick!!!

Let me clarify. You are an adult. You are at least fifty, and probably a dried up old stick insect in addition to being a desperate roué. You probably grease your hair and flatter yourself that you still look no older than thirty.
And you probably use too much Calvin Klein male fragrance.

There is nothing, nothing, nothing at all suitable about you entertaining the idea that you could in any way be friends with me.
And I am not at all interested in any of your suggestions about lingerie or underwear, not even in the abstract, not even if you do have years and years of experience in women's undergarments. Whatever you think should go on the, as you describe them, "fruited curving elements of the yuventempter physique", is immaterial.
I do not dress or undress to please you. We shall not meet so that you can "judge and sincerely advise". I will not give you my phone number nor tell you where I live.

But I am very much interested in the shrimp curry recipe. Please post it on your blog, you pervert. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow! Totally!

Not only does she have rubbers, but also a ...... I don't know what to call it. But it's shocking pink and has batteries! She's an amazon!

I did not think people of our age could be so experienced! That isn't normal? Is it? Maybe she has a glandular problem? Too many hormones in the blood? Too much beef?

I really don't know what to make of this. She's the most exciting classmate ever, and has secrets coming out of her wazoo. But I'm also scared of her cause she knows so much, more than anybody else. And there are some things I don't want or need to know for several more years. She's just too fast!!!

But yes, black lace edging is very nice.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am NOT baked!

How the hell did Warren get my number? He called to call me Angel Food Cake!!!!!!!! Did he REALLY just do that???!?!?!
Well that conversation went nowhere fast. I hung up on him! His obsession with fine baked goods is ab. SURD! And too freaking much!

I think he wanted to ask me out. He sounded ... hopefull?
He had once mentioned a place on Stockton Street with dee-vine strawberry shortcake, with just oodles of whipped cream. And I think he said REAL whipped cream, but this was months ago at school, so it might have changed by now.
Unless it was in the Italian part on the other side of Broadway. Italians probably don't get gas from dairy.

Well, if he WANTS to go have a pastry, fine. As long as he remembers that there is a difference between me (flesh and blood, NOT PASTRY), and the thing that came out of the oven (flour, sugar, yeast, butter, salt - NOT A CHINESE GIRL). And he should talk like he understands the difference. For a change.
I shall not be a pie in public.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Booboo has a honey?

So uncle Booboo came in late last night. And we could all hear him. He was singing. He's a lousy singer, by the way, and moaning Yuet-kuk lyrics sound lugubrious anyhow. Even when it's supposed to be happy and carefree. At least they do to me - I really don't like those old-timey Cantonese tearjerker movies.

Does he FINALLY have a girlfriend? After all these years!!! That, of course, is the big question. Middle-aged men SHOULD have girlfriends, it keeps them moored to reality, but uncle Booboo was just a bit .......
Well never mind that. We were wondering. That's all.

He's not saying anything, but he's much cleaner than he used to be. I think he shaves nearly every day now. Combs his hair too. And he's smoking less. He's obviously up to something!
I just hope his little huggybun is blond.
That would definitely freak out Grannie and Mom. And we need some excitement around here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In wich I tell mister Patel to shove it!

Yes, Grantipuke, you ARE THE MOST DISGUSTING HAHMSAPLO in San Francisco!!!!!!
I really cannot think of a more odious and degenerate person as yourself. No wonder you are not married. Do not, I repaet - DO NOT - suggest to me that a portion of my anatomy which you have never seen!!!!! would look delicious in black frillies!

I will admit that the concept of sex has a certain limited intellectual interest. Untill I was thirteen, I did not even wonder about gender differences or whatever it is that married people get up to when they think the neighbors can't hear. But if I wonder in anyway about it at all, you odious Parsee creep, it is rarely, and always purely speculative, and in the abstract. You, on the other hand, are depraved and desperate, and seem to have nothing else on your mind. Ever!!!!!
And you are at least forty years older than me! Sick pig man!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Maybe not a motorbike?

Nie says that motorbikes are hard to park in the city, because drunken marketing dudes keep pushing them over (?), and uncle Booboo thinks that the insurance would be too high. Which is way more practical minded than I normally give him credit for. I haven't mentioned it to auntie Wah yet, because she would just scream approvingly and let the cat out of the bag.
I sure don't want mom to even think of it yet. Plus she'd say I need to gain at least six more inches (and a hundred pounds, for leverage), and that a daughter covered in scars and bruises is impossible to marry off.

She wants me to keep my even-hued pasty blah complexion. And smile more!!!!!!!!!

Now, a brand-new motorbike WOULD make me smile, but I know what she would think about that at this point in time.

I will not settle for a Vespa, though. Those things are silly. Not even my stuffed frog would look good on one.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buy Israeli food

Last week I wrote about the South Bay Mobilization's call to pressure Trader Joe's to get rid of Israeli goods. I wasn't too pleased - here in Chinatown we've had all kinds of crap from the no-fur and PETA crowd and other big-nosed busybodies all frazzled at something, and usually the people who end up suffering from politically motivated anti-merchant actions are not the self-satisfied middle-class white people. Judgemental prigs.

By the way - would you dumb tourists and rednecks mind awfully NOT photographing the fish stores and food markets? We aren't here for your amusement, we actually live here.
Thank you SO much, and have a NICE trip back to Podunck. Bye now.

In any case, it turns out that the nineteenth and twentieth of June have become "buy Israeli Products Day".

June 19 & 20, 2009.

Here are links to some posts about the know-it-alls behind the Trader Joe's divestment campaign.
[That being the South Bay Mobilization, Kate Bender Rafael, and Yasmeen Qureishi, among others - Kate Bender Raphael was supposedly involved in that little incident last year in which Israeli food products were sabotaged - which would be a crime if substantiated - and is known for her insistence that breaking glass and trashing offices counts as "non-violent protest". She's an uber-creep.]


QUOTE: Bold and courageous activists in Pittsburg then turned ugly on the company they had previously tried to cajole (sound familiar?) and walked into a Trader Joe's shop where they proceeded to pull Israeli goods and/or shove their usual misinformation into the hands of customers before being tossed out of the store for trespassing. Undeterred, the BDS community throughout the land called for a national day of de-shelving Israeli products on June 20 (this coming Saturday). One hopes that before they get started they realize the two ways of performing such de-shelving (other than buying all the couscous for themselves) would involve (1) shoplifting, a locally prosecutable criminal offense or (2) defacing said Israeli products to make them unsellable, which turns out to be a prosecutable federal offense under the US Product Packaging Protection Act of 2002.
[End quote]

Take note of that, you trolls - defacing products in the stores is a FEDERAL OFFENSE! And please remember that the next time you go into Chinatown. Being emasculated by an angry shopkeeper (even, perhaps especially, you, ms. Kate Bender Raphael) might be the very least of your problems.


The obvious thing to do is to make sure you buy Israeli products from Trader Joe's on the 19th and 20th and let the store managers know that you appreciate the fact that they make such products available.
[End quote]

The proper way to "de-shelve" is to buy as much as possible. That more than anything else says appreciation. Smack a pro-Palestinian noodnik on the way out.


Divestment debates are ongoing matters at many "Mainline" Protestant churches. I’ve talked before about how anti-Israel divestment resolutions, begun by local churches, find their way to national forums (notably the Presbyterians and Methodists who meet every few years within quasi-democratic frameworks to vote on resolutions submitted from "the field"). While these resolutions get routinely voted down at a national level by whopping majorities, that seems to just give local activists the go-ahead to try to re-craft their rejected calls for resubmission two or four years hence.
[End quote]

Wanna bet that the "local activists" belong simultaneously to several different denominations? It's probably just the same five bigots in each region, who have nothing better to do, and believe themselves divinely chosen to judge each and every one of their neighbors. Which, in its own way, is very Protestant, very Christian - missionaryism uncleverly disguised.


The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement is an tactic from the anti-apartheid effort now adopted by the anti-Israel groups in the US and Europe. Of course, it completely ignores the actual fact, which is that Arabs in the State of Israel have citizenship and full and equal political and civil rights.
[End quote]

See, Israel is more diverse, by a VERY WIDE MARGIN, than any of the Arab countries. And the Arabs don't appear to like anybody but themselves - except, of course, for the Philippinas and other female guest-workers whom they rape at the drop of a hat in the Gulf States, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia - and would you care to guess about the perpetrators of a very large number of violent sex crimes in Europe?
Here in San Francisco, the Arabs count as the worst racists and bigots, especially as far as the Chinese are concerned. You will NEVER hear an Arab say anything good about Chinese-Americans. They discriminate, they sneer at our accents, and they cheat. And many of them are the worst tenants in the world - they make twenty-something dummies from the Midwest look good; that .... takes some doing.
They are rude, crude, and venal.
Plus Arab-American teenagers are sexist pigs. Absolute unmitigated swine.

Yes, I know that I am generalizing - bite me!


Trader Joe’s, a well-known market for imported foods and wines, is now under pressure to stop selling products made in Israel (like Israeli couscous, for example). This effort is being launched by South Bay Mobilization, a leftist, activist anti-Israel bunch in San Jose, California. In addition to its letter to Trader Joe’s asking them not to sell Israeli products, this bunch is asking its members to actually go into local Trader Joe’s stores on June 20, which if you did not know, is "World Refugee Day" and "Day to de-shelve Israeli products". It appears they will do what French activists have been doing, filling their shopping carts with Israeli products (with great fanfare) then leaving them in the aisle. Neat, huh? Basically, they conduct themselves like vandals.
[End quote]

Conducting themselves like vandals? How VERY white of them. Proof positive that white folk can go "native" (how delicious!!!!), that Arabs can blend-in (hah!), and that Arab culture is warm and open to all (please reread previous comments about raping Philippinas and being sexist pigs).
Between hypocrite middle-class dunces and nasty Arab liquor-store owners and taxi drivers, San Francisco is going to hell in a handbasket.
Berkeley, of course, is already part of the BORG.
And some of those sanctimonious twats in the South Bay really need to be smacked with a rubber hose.



Over at
DIVEST THIS! there are two recipes for Israeli Couscous.

Israeli Couscous with Seasonal Vegetables (From The Foods of Israel Today, by Joan Nathan)

Couscous with Dried Fruits and Nuts (A traditional Moroccan Hanukkah dessert, from The World of Jewish Cooking, by Gil Marks)

The siteowner there has promised to post more recipes as they come in. So please go over there often for updates and further information on Israeli Couscous, and also contribute your own recipes!

Seeing as Israeli Couscous is not a traditional Cantonese ingredient (yes, we do eat EVERYTHING - we just haven't gotten to Israeli Couscous yet), nor even at all common in TaiFao (SF Chinatown), I am anxious to see what you all come up with.

I'm thinking Eight Treasures Rice Pudding...... I'm going to experiment.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smarmy Parsi sex-gargoyle

Grant Patel is probably the worst pervert in Northern california. And I do not write this lightly. I suspect he makes even the Hamas supporter outside the BFUU look like an amateur. And lord knows, that creep tied his victim to himself pretty darn good, from all accounts (and on his own blog he even lists his occupation as 'pedophile' - that takes chutzpah).

Well, Atboth did call him an all-round fetishist. Which is VERY accurate. But doesn't nearly say it all.

Grant Patel, in his latest posting, goes over the top, off the deep end, around the bend, and into a dark little dungeon of degenerate fantasy.

He writes:
"A delicate Cantonese maiden vrooming around San Francisco on a big macho muscle-bike is topnotch. Oh yes. Entertainments! The sun on her golden skin, the wind in her long raven hair, the delicate dark lace garters or tight constrictive frilly undergarments of enticement only".


The "delicate Cantonese maiden" in the passage above would, in his twisted mind, be me. With the addition of his garters or tight frillies. He also recommends black or crimson 'chase-me-do-me' high-heels.
Probably because he thinks me too short, or something.

I am tall enough, mister Patel, to kick you where it hurts. Except that I would have to meet you to do that, and given your disgusting sex-gargoyle tendencies, that is so not likely to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only object of your unclean pursuits mister Patel? Are there no Indian or Pakistani girls you could harass? Is your life really that empty and sad that I represent your likeliest prospect?
Have you no aunties who could find you a victim? Are you so devoid of charm that not even your relatives will find you a mate? Do none of your nearest and dearest trust you around the elderly spinster relatives of their friends? Surely a comely Indian widow, large and fully breasted, is more suited to tackling so mean and frantic a weasel as yourself?

Why don't you place an ad in the papers if you are so desperate?

"Smarmy Parsi lawyer seeks weak-minded Indian female. Age no object. Must like long walks on the beach, dogs who hump legs, and applying choke-holds".

Or something like that. I'm sure someone would eventually bite.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Racist whiteys at the BFUU, plus Gilad Atzmon

So DrMike over at Bluetruth has posted an evenkeeled account of what went on outside the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists last Monday.

The BFUU is trying to claim that the decision to let Gilad Atzmon spout his own unique brand of Jew-hatred was not entirely well-thought-out.

From their own flyer of the time:
"The BFUU-SJC [note: Social Justice Committee of the BFUU] agreed to be a cosponsor but was unaware at the time of Mr Atzmon's controversial reputation in some quarters."

Oh really?!??!? Unaware??!?!?!

Pull the other one!

Guys, are you REALLY that stupid? Have you EVER heard of the internet???? I mean, gosh golly gee, evidence that Gilad Atzmon is Darth Vader is just all over the place! You can't have been unaware of it, it just isn't credible .. .. that .. .. you .. .. didn't .. .. know!!!!!!!
Typing in 'Gilad Atzmon' in the search field (top right of your screen, in the grey part) brings up TONS of stuff.

First thing that comes up is a Wikipedia entry.
Quote: "He also has called himself "a Hebrew-speaking Palestinian" who plays music for the Palestinian cause. --- CUT --- music critic John Lewis wrote in The Guardian: "It is Atzmon's blunt anti-Zionism rather than his music that has given him an international profile".

Got that? His music sucks, but what makes him famous is his viciousness.

The next two things that come up are links to Gilad Atzmon's own writing. Which is where the hateful quotes about Jews and Israel can be found. Lordy, that puke is just all over his own site - no wonder the Jew-haters love him!

The next several links jump around to the Palestine Thinktank and several other suspect places, many featuring anti-Semitic content and various hatefilled extrusions of Gilad Atzmon's own writing.

Perhaps the Berkeley Unitarian Universalists cannot read, however. They didn't clue on to the venomous and depraved nature of Gilad Atzmon's texts.

Very well.


Gilad Atzmon: "There is no such thing as anti-Semitism."

Gilad Atzmon suggests by this that anti-Semitism is in fact justified, and therefore not bigotry. This is similar to "we don't hate Chinese, it's just a FACT that they aren't really human, and in any case they're not as sensitive and refined as white people, and how can you say that blacks are even the same race - therefore, it isn't bigotry but sheer honest realism to say so".
Right, mister Atzmon? There's no such thing as racism, it's all just an acknowledgement of basic facts?

Gilad Atzmon: "Why is it that the Jews who repeatedly demand that the Christian world should apologize for its involvement in previous persecutions, have never thought that it is about time that they apologized for killing Jesus?"

Like most of Christian mythology, the existence of Jesus is highly doubtful. The Christians at the time of their victory over paganism would have had to invent the character of a sagely god-king of divine origin, and in any case would be ill-advised to make the Romans their enemies, as it would've got in the way of subverting Roman institutions. Godly parentage was an accepted part of the Greek and Roman view of the world too.
But it's a matter of whatever record there is that the Romans killed Jesus.
Who nailed him up? The Romans.
Who used crucifixion as a method of execution? The Romans.
Who pulled all the strings in Israel at that time? The Romans.
Who killed more people by torture and crucifixion in the classic world than all other people combined? The Romans.
Haven't ANY of you idiots seen Life of Brian?

Gilad Atzmon: "The Jews who had now managed to kill their God learned to believe in themselves."

Look, Jesus ain't a god. Second Brother Kwan is a god, the Duke of Hsiong is a god, Chong Kwei is a god, Yanlowong is a god, and the Three Immortals are gods. Please rethink the meaning of the word 'god'. If Jesus is a god, then the word cannot mean what you want it to mean. That's like saying that Marx, Lenin, and Mao are gods.
Lordy you white people are nuts. Have you all considered therapy?

Gilad Atzmon: "We need the voices of David Duke and Pat Buchanan."

Two sour hatefilled white racists? If Gilad Atzmon really believes that we need to give those two dyed in the wool slopebrowed bigots any more airtime, he should probably be shot. And he proves himself a wanna-be whitey to boot. Self-hatred squared is what.

Gilad Atzmon: "Throughout the centuries, Jewish bankers bought for themselves some real reputations of backers and financers of wars and even one communist revolution."

The Vikings weren't banked by Jews. The Crusades weren't banked by Jews. The Huns, Tatars, Mongols, and Turks were not banked by Jews. Two centuries of horrifying religious war between Catholics and Protestants weren't banked by Jews. The rape of the Americas didn't have a Jewish element. Slavery had Christian backing and Christian bankers, The opium wars were paid for by the British Crown and the East-India company, and the theft of Hong Kong was one hundred percent a wasp business proposition. The Russian take-over of Central Asia had no Jewish input, and the American takeover of the Philippines was East-Coast Protestants finding a new territory to suck dry - it killed over twenty percent of the population of the islands, but it involved NO Jews at any point at all - purely a WASP thing.
Napoleon wasn't a Jew, Clausewitz wasn't a Jew, the Duke of Wellington wasn't a Jew, Nelson wasn't a Jew.
And so forth.
Mister Atzmon, you are an spitefull moron spouting clichés.
There's nothing worse than a banana or an oreo.
Stop trying to absolve whitey.

Gilad Atzmon: "I’m not going to say whether it is right or not to burn down a synagogue, I can see that it is a rational act."

Given that I can't stand Jazz, and after reading Gilad Atzmon's insane ranting now despise anybody who would listen to him, should I burn down the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists at 1924 Cedar Street at Bonita in Berkeley???????????????
It would be VERY rational to do so, I feel - everything they stand for is corrupted and polluted by their hosting Gilad Atzmon, they are a blot on the psyche of Bay Area, and their principles, as shown by their having hosted this event, are weak and repulsive. It might benefit everyone if their horrid "church" were burned to the ground and turned into a compost heap, don't you think?
It's worth considering - I'm not going to state whether it is right or wrong to burn down the BFUU meeting hall, but I can see where it might be a rational act.
And of course you agree, don't you? Yes?

Look, hosting a loud mouthed kiss-up-to-whitey, who is also a selfhater and bigot, like Gilad Atzmon, is not a peace-loving tolerant liberal thing to do. It's not even broadminded.

You self-satisfied white pricks in Berkeley have shown your true colors. You have proven yourself secret bigots who will jump at the opportunity to listen to anyone who makes you feel warm and wet about your hatreds and preconceptions.
You are no better than the old fashioned southern racist, the South African boer, the Russian peasant, or the Malay and Indonesian bureaucrat. You may be more educated - you can probably spell your own names - but you are NO LESS narrowminded and bigoted.
You are Berkeley.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I finally realized what I want for graduation! A motorbike. I think a Harley, those are very nice, but some of the Japanese jobbies are sweet too.

Harleys have nice round parts, and are solidly built. But the Japanese ones have a sleekness that doesn't lie.

Especially the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R. It has a huge 1,199cc digitally fuel-injected engine for "unparalleled handling and cornering agility" - doesn't that sound exciting? And it looks unapologetically feminine, too.

At this point in time, I don't think my folks would even think of allowing me to ride one. So I'm going to have to broach the subject carefully, and gradually work on them. It'll take at least a year. And perhaps I can find one with a finish that matches Richard the frog. That would be cool.