Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The effects of Hysteria - a women's dis-ease

She's crazy! She suggested that I should hide it inside a stuffed animal!

No, I am NOT going to buy one of those things!!!!! Proper girls do NOT, I repeat, NOT, need a plastic doohicky for sticking in their whatevers! And hell will freeze over before I modify Richard to hide such a thing!!!!!! The very thought is utterly appalling!!!!

I like Richard the way he is now. All slumped over green and froggy. That's what a stuffed animal friend SHOULD be. Not erect and standing upright like an amphibian nazi. That is SO not his personality. And I am horrified to hear that she did that with her stuffed rabbit!

Note: The title references this:
Which is a very funny article about a medical condition. All things considered, it is surprising that western medicine has actually made any advances at all. The mythology has more insane charm than any amount of reality. Diagnosis: Hysteria. Now laugh maniacally.


Anonymous said...

What, no crazy commentary from Grant Patel?

Truly, these are the doldrums of summer.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Got to be a women first, before you can hysterize.

---Grant Manlimens

GRANT!PATEL! said...

I am NOT a doldrum, you puntz.

Snarky anonymous git!

---Grant Peevingnow

Anonymous said...

Grant Patel most definitely IS a doldrum. In all particulars.

And also a punts. Whatever that means.

offended_intellectual said...

Uhm, Mr Grant Patel, first and foremost the article 'a' and 'women' don't go together. It's 'a woman'. And 'hysterize' does not exist as a word.

Oh and my main point. Mr Sexist, Hysteria doesn't just exist for women. You don't have to be a woman to 'hysterize' (whatever the hell you mean about that) Get with the times. Are you from the 16th century to believe that crazy sexist assumption?