Saturday, August 8, 2009

So how did your counterprotest go?

Hey Atboth and friends, did they hate your guts when you showed up yesterday? Did it give them agida? Where they unhappy to see pro-Israel Jews at Market and Montgomery?

Please write a post about it. Please!!!!!!!!!
I especially want to hear that the pork chop lady got peevish. Ever since she ran her randy eyes all over me I've really had it in for her.

Yes, do tell me she was there. And that you all gave her at the very least a horrible headache.
The other one, tall scarecrow with no evident brain, also deserves the nervous tension.
I really want to hear that the San Francisco Women In Black had a bad time. Maybe it will make them think twice about cozying up to Abdul and Mohammed and Raouf and all their friends running liquor stores in poor neighborhoods.
Of course, they could also be trying to get in good with Richar Becker of International Answer. Judging by what Grant Patel always says about him, he's just their type. So far less sexually threatening than Abdul, and Mohammed, and Raouf..... they probably just LOVE that.

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