Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ugly women and rowdy Jews

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month. That means that the San Francisco Women In Black will be down at Market and Montgomery Streets, showing once again that they're nicely tamed and domesticated, you need not fear them. They are not likely to be undigestibly Jewish. Because they do not support Israel. Really, Israel rather embaresses them, and they would be far happier if Israel did not exist. Honest.
It's just one of the ways in which they prove that they want to be as white as everybody else.
All nicely blended in.

The San Francisco Women In Black are the ugly women in the title of this post. I don't call them ugly because they are ugly (which many of them are, but they can't really help that), but because they are stupid. Very, very stupid.
The dull opacity of incomprehension and a massive failure to cogitate individually or collectively dimly glimmers from their faces. Their eyes reflect an emptiness and intellectual stillness quite shocking in its vacuity. Dull pits of despair too simplistic to even qualify as existential. These eyes are incapable of angst, merely managing a fashionable pc peevishness.
Especially so the bleary orbs of the frizzy haired troll who leered at me several months ago as if I were a hot patootie pork chop ripe for the picking.

'So velly solly, auntie, me NO likey frowsty dyke. Me disobedient wittle Chinee girlie. Bad. Bad!'


The rowdy Jews, of course, are the counter demonstrators who show up to irritate them and provide a rational point of view otherwise sadly lacking in San Francisco. They aren't rowdy because they are Jewish, but because they are smart. Which is also why they talk a lot more. At voluminous length. Word.
And yet more word. Lotsa word.

I would like to go down there, but I've got to work until seven. It would be nice to see if the other blogger shows up. Maybe next time.

Good luck guys. Have fun. Be loud.

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GRANT!PATEL! said...

Ooohy, nasty little Chinese minckstress! No wonder you tempt the large potato womens.

---Grant Nofurrburgers