Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hairy hairy quite contrary

A friend forwarded what is probably one of the goofiest things I've ever seen. It's a news article about a hairy person. Not that hairy persons are necessarily goofy. Even though real people do not have such an issue with hair. Whether excessive or otherwise. On our bodies. Because Asian skin does not produce a pelt.

Um. But onward.

By MARK PRATT, Associated Press Writer

(08-11) 10:07 PDT BOSTON (AP) -- A federal judge in Boston on Tuesday denied additional hair-removal treatments for a murderer who is seeking a taxpayer-funded sex-change operation, saying the inmate has failed to prove she will suffer "serious harm" without further electrolysis.

Michelle Kosilek also failed to prove that her rights have been violated by being denied hair-removal treatment, U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf said. Wolf, however, said he may revisit the issue if more information comes to light in state Department of Correction documents.
Kosilek, formerly known as Robert, is serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife, Cheryl, in 1990. He legally changed his name to Michelle in 1993 and has been living as a woman in an all-male prison.

Kosilek's lawyer argued in court that there is "serious medical need" for the treatments, which were discontinued in October after seven sessions.
The attorney, Joseph Sulman, said halting the treatment has negatively affected Kosilek's mental health.

A Department of Correction lawyer said there are cheaper alternatives for hair removal, including depilatories and shaving.
Sulman countered that shaving is a "quintessential male" activity.
Sulman also requested internal Department of Correction documents because agency officials have never explained why the electrolysis was stopped.
Prisons lawyer Richard McFarland called the request for documents a "fishing expedition" designed to "find some kind of conspiracy."

Wolf ruled in 2002 that Kosilek was entitled to treatment for gender-identity disorder, but stopped short of ordering sex-change surgery. Kosilek sued again in 2005, claiming denial of the surgery was making her suicidal.

State prison officials oppose Kosilek's request, saying it would create security problems.
Kosilek was in court Tuesday, but did not address the judge or speak publicly.


Okay. Too hairy. And I'm guessing that tweezers are not allowed in prison, coz you can kill someone with a well-directed pinch. Or nip. Or two-pronged jab. Draw blood. Maybe if it gets infected.

As BrĂ¼no says: Wass-ehvver!

Kosilek killed his wife, and is now living as a woman in an all male correctional facility. My guess is that conceiving of himself as female was not the intent of whatever correction they dished out there.
And I refuse to speculate on his sex-life. As a man. Who is female. In an all male-correctional facility. Where people get lonely at night. So very very lonely. And seek the warm companionship of whoever is available. In the same cell. Or showerstall.

This person may have problems.


Ari said...

There's this chair you get strapped into, wearing a cap, with all these leads attached to your skin. Best electrolysis ever! There's even an audience. I hear after the first treatment, you never have to worry about excessive hair anymore.

Gland 'X' said...

Anything is better than rubbing yourself all over with nair.

ViciousKitty said...

All of this reminds me of the advertising jingle for a brand of feminine razor: "I'm you-ou-our Venus!"

Of course, when I first heard it out of a corner of my ear, I heard 'penis'. It did not make sense when I saw what was on screen.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

I am a smooth man.

---Grant Yakovinsky

GRANT!PATEL! said...

My brother Esau is an hairy man. But I am a smooth man.

---Yakov Grantpatelovitcz