Friday, August 14, 2009

Building concentration camps

The internet is abuzz with rumours that the administration is building concentration camps, for the day when they round up all the Christians and Ron Paul supporters, and the black helicopters take over. Allegedly, these are "Fema camps".

Errrrm, I guess too many people have too much lead in their drinking water?

An internet search yields the following:

fema camps: ALL RESULTS 1-10 of 853,000 results

Wow. Nearly a million results. Sweet cheeses, the American people are barking mad.


On the other hand.....

latex fetish: ALL RESULTS 1-10 of 57,900,000 results

Now that's more like it! Praise be that the normal people outnumber the loonies!

It's all a matter of priorities and values.
Nearly sixty million hits on 'latex fetish'. That's nearly the same number as voted for the Republican ticket in the last presidential election (59,934,814).
I am glad to see that they are putting their frustration to use constructively.

That still leaves 2,034,814 who are probably convinced the Barrack Obama is an outer-space alien, and doesn't have a valid birth certificate - because he's the ANTI-CHRIST.

I would never have thought that Fox News had so many viewers.

1 comment:

ViciousKitty said...

Tried internet searching for bondage, sex, sado-masochism, bestiality, and rape.
Only LATEX FETISH yields a result that nearly matches votes for John McCain.
Which explains why you chose it.

Who would've thought that latex was so compelling to so many people?