Saturday, September 19, 2009

one BIG bag of candy

Soooo goood!

I shouldn't have eaten it all, of course. But really, I had to. You see, Walgreens now carries large bags of small candy bars. Which are perfect for Halloween. So I had to test the merchandise, to see if this is what we want to give the kiddies when they come to the door in another month and a half.

Rigorous testing beforehand, in case it isn't the right stuff.

Nothing but the best for the urchins. And take it from me, they love KITKAT.

This is gonna be a good year for kitkat. Mini kitkat. Nice and crispy underneath their veil of chocolate.

Just to be on the safe side, I should probably buy another bag.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forty years of perfidy

It has been four decades since a Muslim eruption that has had a profound impact on the world of today.

But most people will be unaware of this fact. Because the group of Muslims involved has assiduously worked to obscure their actions, and the victims have with patient and civilized forbearance not stressed the issues.

Oh, the other reason naturally is that the Muslims in question are not Arabs, and the victims weren't Arabs either.

No whites or Arabs involved. So it doesn't matter.

"Officially, 196 people were killed between May 13 and July 31 as a result of the riots, although journalists and other observers have stated much higher figures. Other reports at the time suggest over 2,000 were killed.",_Malaysia_Race_Riots

Muslim behavior in Malaysia towards the Chinese and Indian minorities who developed the tin mines, market gardens, rubber plantations, and industries that allow the Malays to pretend towards first-world culture and achievement has been fairly atrocious.

It's enshrined in law, and called the Bumiputera Policy.

What it is, is a system of apartheid towards non-Malays (meaning: non-Muslims) in favor of people claiming to be natives - many of whom moved into the country from Java, Sumatra, and elsewhere in the Muslim world during the British period.
The Malay Peninsula till the eighteen hundreds had been jungle, sparsely inhabited along the coast. Chinese immigrants were brought in to work in the mines. Tamils worked the rubber plantations.
Muslims came in over the next several decades for the opportunity to rob Chinese and Tamils.

During Word War Two the Chinese Malayans were killed in large numbers by the Japanese.
The Muslims, on the other hand, collaborated lock-stock-and-barrel with the occupiers, and profited enormously from doing so.
In return for which, the British unwisely gave them independence, leading to the Malayan emergency when masses of poor Chinese in the hinterlands realized that the English were screwing them over and pandering to the thieves.

In 1969 the Malays rioted against the Chinese in many cities, killing thousands. Whereupon the Malay government decided to further exclude Chinese from the table, and imposed racialist apartheid laws. The Muslims are considered "native", Chinese and Tamils (many of whose families have been there for centuries) are labeled 'immigrants', and are legally discriminated against. Occasionally Malays kill a person of Chinese ancestry for funsies, especially up near the Thai border.

Malaysia is the only country left where there is still apartheid. But it's Muslim bigotry, against non-whites to boot, so it doesn't really matter.


So one of the other bloggers is reading Vladimir Nabokov's book Lolita now. What's fascinating, to me, is that she is barely older than the title character in the book. Which I read over a year ago.

Infectious Asian (Stephanie 周) these posts: 1. Lolita: 2. Nabokov and Lolita - Nymphets in the bellfry: 3. Charlotte Haze and her dishy daughter: 4. Oh no! Lolita has absconded! :

I cannot say that the characters in the book are very attractive. Lolita is described in a way that makes clear that her delightful physique (if you are inclined towards pedophilia) is not matched by any intellectual appeal. She is shallow, spoiled, whiny, and very impressed with herself. Having sex with older men, especially Humbert Humbert, seems to be her way of both asserting her individuality and affirming her own sense of self-worth.

Humbert Humbert is sympathetic in his gift for description, but that aside, a most unpleasant little man. Quilty is a pompous pervert. Several others are drips, bores, oafs, and mentally unstable.

The least likeable person in the book dies far too soon to give more than a nauseating aftertaste. Charlotte Haze is pretentious, vain, temperamental, and just plain mental. She is possibly the least mature individual in Nabokov's tale. Her sexuality, such as it is, is repulsive. She never grew up. I think that her predatory lust for Humbert Humbert represents a Lolita-like tendency in herself that was never satisfied. She is more frustrated, and has been so for far longer, than any grown-up woman should be. Consequently she is the comic relief.

Nabokov doesn't like minor characters providing amusement, so he kills her off in a dull way. Her friends and neighbors display more interest in her unbereaved widower's mental condition going forward than in her fate.
Understandable - there was nothing sad about it. It was fitting, and about time.

Swedish liars

Recently put another piece on Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers about the Swedish Blood-Libel.

This piece:
Swedish Lies Revisited

The reason for the article is that I'm simply trying to avoid reading the Goldstone report, as it is dense and full of pretension. So I'm changing the subject, to one I am by now very familiar with.

I've quoted at length from Barry Rubin, whose many articles can be found here:

There's lots of good stuff there.

The most recent article ( is about the professional murderer whom the Palestinians will see as their next fuhre.. leader.
He will no doubt be described by Berkeleyites as the be-all and end-all of sweet liberal secular-humanist saints. The Europeans, of course, will also love him.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grant Patel and the investigation of Richard Becker's thingy

So once again the pervert Grant Patel has raised mister Richard Becker's penis. As a subject of conversation. Asserting, once more, that it is well known to be a very small thing.

I don't know WHY he keeps bringing it up. He's the only person who is fascinated by it. As he proved himself to be all of summer.

[Richard Becker is the queen bee of International ANSWER on the West Coast. He's against everything good and wholesome, and one MIGHT think that he is so out of frustration. But there's also a psychopathic side to his dislikes - he's anti-Semitic, a racist, a leftwing bigot, and a thoroughly repulsive piece of work. He resides in San Francisco, not far from the offices of International ANSWER on Mission Street, and just around the corner from that hotbed of hatred, the Women's Building. Grant Patel probably lives right next door to Richard Becker, possibly even having a bedroom window view of Becker's bathroom. Or overlooking the patio where revolutionaires disport en-deshabille.]

Goodness gracious, mister Patel, but you are obsessed by Richard Becker!

And his ....... tiny penis!

In which our notorious Parsi goes into unconfirmable details about mister Richard Becker's tiny penis, waxing obscenely lyrical: "Poor chap cursed with a very tiny lor, the use of which is wellnigh impossible without tweezers and a profound sense of humor, both of which he is lacking. His frustration mounts with each failed mounting. Noodly appendage not even spaghetti strap dimension, and utterly void of horn. Poor basterd. Sod him."
This post details in the anonymous third person what can only be Grant Patel's own experiences: "The multitudes of trustworthy witnesses include many and several with unprintable yet very entertaining experiences in public washrooms, and on long greyhound bus trips, or of the probing cavity searches required of traveling terror supporters, and plus the very finest physicians and religious men - all of whom are profoundly knowledgeable about baby puds and boyish winkies, smooth as a gazelle's rump, and ALL of them remark and aver that Richard Becker has a tiny tiny penis."
Here Grant Patel goes over the top, implying that Richard Becker's penis is a shared interest: "Alack, odds bodkins, and zooks! How soon after our wholesome and cheerful disputation concerning the tiny penis of Richard Becker do you overlook me. Was the miniscule manlihood of International ANswer droodge Dick Becker the ONLY thing we had in common? You have no interest in me myself now that we argue NOT about how infinitally small and inconsequential is mister Richard Becker in his masculine appendum?"

Yes, these are your best posts, Grantikins. You have devoted much time and effort to the subject. It must fill every waking moment of yours, eh what?
The uninvolved observer might think Richard Becker's penis to be the very epitome of manliness and rigor, given the zest and energy that you have devoted to it's pursuit. Or rather, to it's description.

I, on the other hand, am fascinated not by Richard Becker's penis, of whatever dimension (or lack thereof) it may turn out to be, but by you. What possesses a man who calls himself a discriminating lawyer to devote so much energy to something so utterly unimportant?

Don't they have penises where you come from, mister Patel?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gaily waving my panties!

Provocative title, isn't it?

For the past three weeks or more I have been posting occassionally on PIBB (Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers), which is a forum started by Chaim ben David and Atboth.

The raison d'être of said blog is "an opportunity to vent, a useful resource, and a reference library for pro-Israel bloggers in the San Francisco Bay Area".

Here are some of my posts:

Saeb Erekat smoking crack
Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat appears to be under the influence of some hallucinatory substance. Judging by one of his recent utterances.

Sheikh Salam Hozeil - Righteousness is its own reward
There are Jews and Israelis who speak on behalf of Palestinians. Why aren't there Arabs who speak on behalf of Jews and Israel?

Tutu wishes a pox upon you
Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa seems to believe that guilt is the desirable state of mind of everyone who isn't a black South African.Or the karmic cousin of a saintly black South African.

There's much more where that came from. Really. Go ahead, click this link:
You'll be glad you did.

But but but, where are the panties?

Whence the charming title of this post, seeing as no undergarments are being actually waved?

Well, one of the two bloggers mentioned above once wrote that an eye-catching title pulls people in. And he must be right, because everytime I've mentioned panties, both Grant Patel and some amphibian have immediately commented underneath. So I thought I should use my panties constructively and thrill them to bits.

Now, please imagine that tight little bikini briefs with a print pattern of red red strawberries are being waved in your direction.
Hey guys, over here!