Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forty years of perfidy

It has been four decades since a Muslim eruption that has had a profound impact on the world of today.

But most people will be unaware of this fact. Because the group of Muslims involved has assiduously worked to obscure their actions, and the victims have with patient and civilized forbearance not stressed the issues.

Oh, the other reason naturally is that the Muslims in question are not Arabs, and the victims weren't Arabs either.

No whites or Arabs involved. So it doesn't matter.

"Officially, 196 people were killed between May 13 and July 31 as a result of the riots, although journalists and other observers have stated much higher figures. Other reports at the time suggest over 2,000 were killed.",_Malaysia_Race_Riots

Muslim behavior in Malaysia towards the Chinese and Indian minorities who developed the tin mines, market gardens, rubber plantations, and industries that allow the Malays to pretend towards first-world culture and achievement has been fairly atrocious.

It's enshrined in law, and called the Bumiputera Policy.

What it is, is a system of apartheid towards non-Malays (meaning: non-Muslims) in favor of people claiming to be natives - many of whom moved into the country from Java, Sumatra, and elsewhere in the Muslim world during the British period.
The Malay Peninsula till the eighteen hundreds had been jungle, sparsely inhabited along the coast. Chinese immigrants were brought in to work in the mines. Tamils worked the rubber plantations.
Muslims came in over the next several decades for the opportunity to rob Chinese and Tamils.

During Word War Two the Chinese Malayans were killed in large numbers by the Japanese.
The Muslims, on the other hand, collaborated lock-stock-and-barrel with the occupiers, and profited enormously from doing so.
In return for which, the British unwisely gave them independence, leading to the Malayan emergency when masses of poor Chinese in the hinterlands realized that the English were screwing them over and pandering to the thieves.

In 1969 the Malays rioted against the Chinese in many cities, killing thousands. Whereupon the Malay government decided to further exclude Chinese from the table, and imposed racialist apartheid laws. The Muslims are considered "native", Chinese and Tamils (many of whose families have been there for centuries) are labeled 'immigrants', and are legally discriminated against. Occasionally Malays kill a person of Chinese ancestry for funsies, especially up near the Thai border.

Malaysia is the only country left where there is still apartheid. But it's Muslim bigotry, against non-whites to boot, so it doesn't really matter.

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