Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Swedish liars

Recently put another piece on Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers about the Swedish Blood-Libel.

This piece:
Swedish Lies Revisited

The reason for the article is that I'm simply trying to avoid reading the Goldstone report, as it is dense and full of pretension. So I'm changing the subject, to one I am by now very familiar with.

I've quoted at length from Barry Rubin, whose many articles can be found here:

There's lots of good stuff there.

The most recent article ( is about the professional murderer whom the Palestinians will see as their next fuhre.. leader.
He will no doubt be described by Berkeleyites as the be-all and end-all of sweet liberal secular-humanist saints. The Europeans, of course, will also love him.

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Steffy said...

Very good post. Wonder what the vikings will think. Hee hee hee.