Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go back to Oakland!

It looks like at the back of the hill had fun at his rally last week. I wouldn't have thought so, seeing as the other side (International Answer, ISM, and liquorstore-Americans) kept yelling and threatening to kill the seventy or so pro-Israel protestors. But they were too chicken to challenge the police, and thank heavens no one set any garbage can fires, coz those would've tied up things and caused many more arrests.
I should've stayed to watch. I really wish I had. Between stinky earthmoms from the other side of the bay, and the juvenile-delinquent Arabs, the mob was lusting for blood. And sooooo frustrated and very very unhappy that the SFPD dashed their hopes and rained on their wet dreams.

Weep, wail, toothy gnashing........

Back of the hill writes about it here:

One of the Arabs almost got arrested for throwing rocks, but they let him go because he was weeping. Coward.
Twelve other Arabs got arrested for criminal behaviour, five of them because they and twenty of their friends tried to beat up four Jews in the Civic Center Bart Station.
Jeez, guys, that's soooooo brave of you! Ganging up on an elderly couple! Grannies can be soooooo vicious! I know!

Did you get a faceful of mace?
Count yourselves lucky. She could've been packing a teargas cannister.
Next time, I hope she does.

The stupid thing is the Palestinians and their friends are trying to present this as a political thing only. Totally secularistic, and all about freedom and prosperity and everybody happy la la la! As pretty much said by the Indybay idiot that wrote the article quoted in this post:

You pro-Palestinian protestors aren't about peace, you're about race war. You want to kill Jews. You want to exterminate a group of people because you are bigots and racists. Go rub some lard over your fat ugly pig faces!

What I saw down at Civic Center last Saturday made it all completely clear. There were Jew-haters, vicious Arab teenagers, racist thugs, religious fanatics, and a huge number of supporters for dictators and criminals. Plus some jerk called Richard Becker.
They proved what a bunch of filthy rotten bastards they are while they were here, and then they boasted about it all week on Indybay. Which sucks, just so you know - Indybay is kinda like a dangerous religious cult, only political. It's an internet site where wanna-be terrorists cream in their panties over their own self-importance.

While they were over here trying to get violent, one of their soulbrothers back in Oakland brutally murdered four cops. For the past week, the dirtbags over in O-town have been saying the cops deserved it. Because they were cops.
I really wish the SF Police would beat the living daylights out of some of the East Bay scum that comes over here to protest in San Francisco. And kneecap the Berkeley commies. We don't need any of them, they scare tourists, shopkeepers, and old people, they leave garbage all over the place, irritate and threaten regular people, piss in doorways, and they don't spend any money. What exactly do we need them for?

So there! Blthhhhpppt!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can blacks be racists? You bet!

It seems like the Jewish people have enemies even among those who SHOULD support them.

A long time ago everybody supported the blacks in South Africa in their fight against apartheid. But today, the politocos there return the favor by hitting at everybody who doesn't loyally back their horses, and then scream indignantly about their struggle, their rights, their precious ideals, accusing others of not being sufficiently against apartheid and for black nationalism.

And yet last week they banned the Dalai Lama from visiting and denied him a visa. Even though the Dalai Lama represents a group that has a similar struggle.

For heavens sakes, the man is older than Methuselah, and a pacifist! And he's a Nobel Prize winner!
I bet you they would NEVER ban Jimmie Carter!

Probably not Yassir Arafat either, even though that man was a murderer. South African politicians are loyal, it seems, only to the most extreme of their fans - the ones who give cover to racialism and black nationalism.

Now mister Bongani Masuku of the Congress of South African Trade Unions is calling for Jews to leave South Africa because he doesn't like them supporting Israel.

That's just like the ultra-liberal white people in San Francisco telling us to go back to China last summer during the Olympic torch relay.
Denying someone's ethnic or cultural pride is politically correct fascism, and telling people to leave because of it is a racist and bigotted thing to do.

Plus, what if the Jews do leave, mister Masuku? If you don't like Israel, maybe you should not tell Jewish FELLOW SOUTH AFRICANS that they belong there, and only there.
Are you really that stupid?
Well, you are a racist, so that is a real possibility, I guess.

From Wikipedia:
The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) is a trade union federation in South Africa. It was founded in 1985 and is the biggest of the country’s three main trade union federations, with 21 affiliated trade unions, altogether organising 1.8 million workers.
COSATU is part of an alliance with the ANC and the South African Communist Party, often called the tripartite alliance.

Bongani Masuku is Cosatu’s International Relations secretary.

He wrote that "no pro-Israel Jews should ever consider South Africa to be their home". From a functionary of a such a large organization, that is a disgusting statement. If it represents the opinions of the majority of South African union members, then people need to start boycotting South Africa again. Same old sh*t, different color.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Well I promised myself to not say nasty things about Warren for a while. But it disturbs me that he still thinks of me as baked goods.

I am NOT a butter biscuit!

In fact, I do not wish to be associated with butter. It makes my forhead pop. So I pull my hair over it, and have to constantly brush it away from my glasses. Still, Warren is better than Jeremy, who called me a springroll. Is that an ethnic crack? I will so have to kill him if it was.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No dresses!

I tried on dresses today downtown. Nothing looks good at all, I've got to loose weight. Or gian height. I need longer legs. Like at least two inches longer. Then everything would look right except for the umms. Which still won't look like a blonde woman.
But at least it doesn't look like all topheavy!!!!!!!!!

High heels are out of the question and hurt like dickens.
And the only people who can walk in them are willowy men on Polk Street or the equatorial strumpets on Larkin.

And burly truckdrivers wearing their wives lingerie, who should really REALLY shave their chests before leaving the house!

I think I'll just wear sackcloth, thank you very much.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What, you haven't even noticed?

Grant, I am totally surprised! You never even noticed! And I know that this is so because YOU. NEVER. SAID. ANYTHING!

You're on my blogroll. Have been since several days ago.

I truly truly truly thought you would've found out by now. Seeing as you've been here every single day. But nope. Not a squeak.

How..... unperspicacious!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Horrible behaviour!

I just CANNOT believe the behavior of peace activists! Disgusting! I was on Market street and they were blocking the sidewalk and acting like they owned the place! Several times I nearly got hit by some stupid sign, or accosted by some VERY UNWASHED SPECIMEN of Berkeley!!!! who demanded that I leave Iraq, Afghansistan, and Palestine NOW!!!!

If you're going to convince me to stop occupying the middle east, could you at least WASH before you do so? Like, take a bath? Water? Using soap?

Feh. And pee-yew.

I know, soap is a capitalist-imperialist tool of repression that keeps the masses in slavery, and you righteously despise it, but, and I'm verry sorry, some of us have kind of gotten used to it by now. We rely on other people at least attempting to cover up their various smells. And horrible physical reeks. Truly, I really do know that that is incredibly bourgeois of me, unrevolutionary, and even shudder shudder middle class!!!!!!, but, you know, could you at least try? Before you go out in public?
Think of it as part of the propaganda effort.

A haircut would be nice too. I'm so sorry to say it, but many of you revolutionaries look like mangy rabid dogs. And given that you choose to act that way too, you might just get shot one of these days. It would be only natural confusion. Woof woof and boo.
We wouldn't want any working class blood on the pavement, would we?
I'm only saying this for your own good. I love you.

And I promise I'll just get the heck out of ALL those places you mentioned the very moment that you're civilized! Honest!!!!

Earlier this afternoon I was at the main library, and saw the Jews getting ready to counterdemonstrate across the plaza. I know that they were the Jewish side - they acted rather calm, quiet, and intelligent - I've met enough Berkeley Students and radical activists to recognize that that is not their chosen demeanor. Plus, these people looked clean, and some of them had very neat beards, not the scraggly birdsnests and ratty pelts so common in the artistic parts of town.
I should've joined them. Who knows, I might even have met someone whose blog I read.

After today's experiences, I think we need more Jews, and less Berkeleyites. And if that ever happens, the city will smell cleaner too.
Oh by the way, Grant and BOTH - little green panties! They were on sale after Saint Patrick's day! Yay!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wah! Another birthday!

Auntie Wah's birthday is coming up, and I really don't know what to get her. What does a woman who is in her thirties and has everything (including a big white boyfriend) want?

I guess chocolate. But maybe the bwb already has that covered. I don't really know. He seems a bit clueless at times, so there's no telling what he thinks she needs.

Maybe I should get something both of them can enjoy. But what?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Floofy dough

I am NOT a crescent roll! Where he gets off calling me that I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was bad enough that he first called me a crumpet, and he's ALSO called me a cupcake, for which I clouted him with my backpack and he nearly fell over. But a crescent roll? What the heck! It makes even less sense than any of his other pastry nicknames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Idiot baker geek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he did say that the skirt looked uber cute. That was nice.

Monday, March 16, 2009


They don't make petticoats this size. And even though the edges are not supposed to be seen, they are usually lacy and it won't do to simply cut them short. But all the patterns I've seen for making them yourself are for ridiculous frilly flouncy ones for square dancing.

Do I look white cowgirl to you???!?!?

Real petticoats are for under skirts, so they fall nicely. And so your thighs don't freeze.

I examined halfslips at the stores, and modified one. It seems to work, but the waist crinkles a bit. I'll have to re-cut it so it fits better.
But it's the right length, and that's most important. I re-banded it at the waist after undoing, and also redid the seams with second stitching.
Shouldn't be cold anymore.
But I wish vanity fair made them extra small. Professionally made just looks better.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lowell High School

This definition just had to have been written by a fan:

Lowell High School: A Nazi high school in San Francisco full of Asians. Mostly Chinese who cry when they get the first F of their life on a math test that they should be taking in college. Hated by every other school in San Francisco because it owns every other school in sports. Has about 4 black people per grade, at least 2 of them half something else. If you go to Lowell High School, you don't go a day without hearing "I can't I gotta study for my Chinese test!"
Yet even through all the torture and pain of getting a B to get into Berkley they say you have a better chance to get into a school like that. Also if you can not solve a Rubiks Cube under 5 minutes you should not being going to Lowell HS.

If you go to LHS, you have urges to:
1. Correct misspelled words in the bathroom stalls.
2. Sit in your room on the computer for about half the day to all day.
3. Do what you are doing right now
4. Have Yellow Fever
5. Know Mr. Axt is older then the school itself.

Non-Lowell kid: "Dude you going to that awesome party tonight? "
Lowell High School kid: 'No I got to study for my Chinese test tomorrow.'
Non-Lowell kid: "But you had one three times this week!"
Lowell High School Kid: 'I know, I got lucky this week!'

From this website:

Cool! Like, totally! OMG! Spoon!

And by the way - yes, straight As in math.
Neener neener neener.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Copper reds, tenmoku and oil spot glazes

Potteries and porcelains in these glazes can be stunning, and deliciously vulgar. At least, I think so. I really like them.

Copper reds:
Three glazes are produced with oxides in thick glaze mixtures. What else they have in common is that the kiln should be dedicated only to that glaze for that firing. This is because firing is unique to the effect: reducing the kiln early in the firing makes beautiful copper reds, and having only copper oxide glazes in the kiln at that time will have a deeper red than mixed firing because the copper atoms will "fertilize" the other pots.
Whatever the recipe, all copper glazes have feldspar, silica, copper carbonate, tin oxide, and iron oxide.

Tenmoku is a dark glaze with subtle spotting that has disipated slightly. It contains feldspar , limestone , and iron oxide. The name tenmoku comes from 天目 (Tien Mok, Tian Mu) which means 'heaven eye'. The Japanese use it a lot in teabowls. The darkness of the glaze depends on the cooling of the kiln.They can be very different - long firing and an iron-rich clay, as well as a firing-down of the kiln, will keep the glaze molten longer, and let the iron crystalize finely in the surface of the glaze.

Oil spot:
Oil spot glazes are stiff glazes containing red iron oxide and magnesium oxide. The glaze is applied thickly and fired in an oxidation atmosphere. Oxidation is essential to create the oil spots.The red iron oxide molecule will release an oxygen atom at around 2250° F (1232° C) and become black iron oxide. The oxygen heads to the surface of the glaze, pulling a trace of iron along. The oxygen leaves, the iron remains on the surface, creating the oil spot effect. Oil-spot glaze contains a high amount of feldspar, often over 50%. There is also magnesium oxide (dolomite or talc), and from 6.0 to 8.5% red iron oxide.
The thicker the glaze mixture is applied to the pot, the larger the resulting spots. If the glaze is to be applied really heavily, more feldspar is needed to stiffen it, so that it doesn't run too much and fuse the pot to the kiln shelf. But that is usually not a problem. If the firing is very hot, the glaze may run enough to pull the oil spots into the hare's fur effect so prized by Sung dynasty potters.


Oxidation firing: If there is more than enough oxygen present to burn the fuel completely, especially during the last stage of temperature increase, then the firing is an oxidation firing. The metals in the glaze mixtures will convert to fully oxidized, the colors will be more uniform. This is best done with an electric kiln, to avoid the fuel drinking up the oxygen. And by having fresh air coming into the kiln.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I really like celadons and oil-drop glazes. They can be so beautiful!

The term celadon (青磁) either refers to a character in a French play, or is a malformation of the name Saladin (Salah ed-Din Yusuf ibn Ayoob, 1138 - 1193).
Either possibility is likely, especially the second - porcelain came to Europe via the Silk Road.

The hue of the glaze ranges from greenish and blueish through yellowish and whiteish, usually paleish greens and yellowish greens. All kinds of ish, in fact (just kidding!).
What cause that color is the iron oxide, the reduction firing makes it crackly. The porcelain was made at the Long Guan kilns (Longguan: 龍泉) in Chitkong province (Zhejiang: 浙江), which is south of Shanghai. It was also made at King Tak Chan (Jingdezhen: 景徳鎮), as well as imitated in Korea and Japan. It is still made in all those places.

The best type I think is the kind that has a jade-like glaze with lots of crackle and looks between cold middle tone coppery green and a warm dirty yellow - the glaze pools in the deep incisions and depressions like gelled water or old glass, the crackles reflect light in sharp thin lines.
The glaze really glows, especially in slanting light, like before the sun goes down. Usually it is old, and not at all affordable.
It is not the kind that is very easily found, however. You sometimes see it in Japantown, far less often anywhere in Chinatown, except for antique stores.

The Korean stuff is technically perfect, and hence extremely uninteresting.


Reduction firing: If there is less oxygen in the kiln than needed to fully burn the fuel used to fire the kiln, especially during the last stage of temperature increase, the metals in the glaze will not fully convert to an oxidized state. It is more likely in fuel-burning kilns than in electric. The variations in the glaze are more subtle and interesting.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mustard yellow porcelain

The place on Powell Street has nice museum-quality mustard yellow procelains which are really lovely. I most especially like the thin-walled rice bowls with the flared lip, I could really imagine eating from them. But are they safe? It isn't very likely.......

Mustard yellow ware

Here's a good picture of a nice "recent" antique vase:,mustard-yellow-satsuma,318961.html

This vase isn't really a mustard yellow, more like a lemony yellow:

This is a very beautiful shallow bowl:

The enamel is lead-antimonate.

All ceramic glaze colors are oxides of metals. Lead enamel has three parts lead oxide and one part powdered quartz with a small quantity of metallic oxide. These are mixed with water and binders, then brushed onto the already fired pot.
They turn glassy when heated up to 700 to 800 centigrades in a muffle kiln (a kiln with a clean oxidizing atmosphere - the heat is directed by conduction or convection so as to prevent the fuel or the flames from contacting the objects).

So, seeing as the temperature for the overglaze is stoneware instead of porcelain hot, the glaze may leach material into foods or liquids contained within. I don't think there are any deep mustard yellows that are high temperature overglaze. Oh how I wish there were!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Worst creeps in the world!!!!

That would be an outfit calling themselves Women in Black. Cockroaches!!!!
I can't believe that one of those women ogled me! Scoped me out from top to bottom. Gross!!!!! I feel polluted. That frizzy haired monster even gave me the eye!

I mean, it's NOT that I object to the inclination. Good heavens no! What she does out back behind the dumpster with her drunken victims, well, that doesn't concern me in the slightest.
And I really hope they both get to enjoy it, not just her!
But!!!!!!!!!!!! just! because I stopped to read her sign ("break the siege of Gaza") does NOT MEAN I AM INTERESTED IN HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if she didn't have blue roots to her nasty frizzy greasy yucky dyed black hair!

And her being the same height or nearly so doesn't matter either. She's OLD enough to be my grandma! About fifty, or even sixty. Oooh! It's just totally gross to even think about. Ick!!!!!!!
Double screaming horrified ICK ICK ICK!!!!!!
Auntie, there's a WORLD of difference between a friendly glance and a hamsahp leer! And entirely aside from me puking my guts out afterwards, you would go to jail. Keep your frikkin' randy eyeballs on a leash next time!!!!!! You're worse than a man!!!!!

I just spent twenty minutes in the shower!!!!
Twenty FRIKKEN' MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had stopped at Montgomery and Market to see if I could figure out if Atboth was there counterprotesting, I suspect he does stuff like that.
But I was SO NAUSEATED by Women in Black that I got distracted. Sorry. It won't happen again. Next time I'll wear sunglasses so the troll-haired potato won't be able to catch my eye. Yuck! One more minute and she probably would've tried to TALK to me!! GROSSSSSS!!! Ab. So. LUTE. ly HORRID!

Looking at me like I was a juicy porkchop.

Ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I'm gonna spew my lunch now!

And by the way, you women are just wrong. It's people like you that spread hatred and intolerance. You enable bigotry. You just radiate blinkered diseased idiot ignorant ugly stupidity. You are responsible for ninety nine percent of the bad karma in an area ten miles square.
Really, you suck.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today is link to Jack day

Today is link to Jack day. I do not know who Jack is. And I suspect that Grant Patel and Atboth don't really know either. But they have both linked to him.
So I will too!

Third annual link to Jack day:

Jack has a nice blue blog, which is here:

Random thoughts - do they have meaning?

I sure hope so! I randomly think ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Jack is from Los Angeles. Do not hold that against him. His blog is very Californian anyway.
PS. This post is mostly blank space. Sorry. It's a metaphor.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Pajamas should be either fuzzy cotton or silk. If they are silk, they can be plain with just a bit of piping. If cotton, happy patterns. In both cases it is far far better to have them too large than too small.

Red silk pajamas, of course, are something only a slutty little blonde child from the south would wear. Her mommah probably bought it for her at a tourist shop on Grant Avenue.
"Ah want rayed silk puh-jahm-uzz. Raid silkkk. Pahhh-jomm-ahhs." The n in 'want' is an extra syllable. Who dah thunkit.

Drawled in the most trashy tone imaginable. I can just about see the little girl showing them off to her 'unmarried' uncle Bubbah. Or having a slumber party with her cousins Travis, Boone, and Maysie-Belle. Hot humid weather, pickup on cinder blocks, and skeeters. Oh yes, big daddy!

Save us.

I must go there someday to see if they really act like the people in Faulkner and Tennessee Williams. I bet they do.

On the other hand, white soft cotton with little green twigs and scarlet birds are a very happy pattern. Just about perfect for a nice teenager. This is not a suggestion, as I already have them. And I love them. Comfy lah!!!!!!