Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can blacks be racists? You bet!

It seems like the Jewish people have enemies even among those who SHOULD support them.

A long time ago everybody supported the blacks in South Africa in their fight against apartheid. But today, the politocos there return the favor by hitting at everybody who doesn't loyally back their horses, and then scream indignantly about their struggle, their rights, their precious ideals, accusing others of not being sufficiently against apartheid and for black nationalism.

And yet last week they banned the Dalai Lama from visiting and denied him a visa. Even though the Dalai Lama represents a group that has a similar struggle.

For heavens sakes, the man is older than Methuselah, and a pacifist! And he's a Nobel Prize winner!
I bet you they would NEVER ban Jimmie Carter!

Probably not Yassir Arafat either, even though that man was a murderer. South African politicians are loyal, it seems, only to the most extreme of their fans - the ones who give cover to racialism and black nationalism.

Now mister Bongani Masuku of the Congress of South African Trade Unions is calling for Jews to leave South Africa because he doesn't like them supporting Israel.

That's just like the ultra-liberal white people in San Francisco telling us to go back to China last summer during the Olympic torch relay.
Denying someone's ethnic or cultural pride is politically correct fascism, and telling people to leave because of it is a racist and bigotted thing to do.

Plus, what if the Jews do leave, mister Masuku? If you don't like Israel, maybe you should not tell Jewish FELLOW SOUTH AFRICANS that they belong there, and only there.
Are you really that stupid?
Well, you are a racist, so that is a real possibility, I guess.

From Wikipedia:
The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) is a trade union federation in South Africa. It was founded in 1985 and is the biggest of the country’s three main trade union federations, with 21 affiliated trade unions, altogether organising 1.8 million workers.
COSATU is part of an alliance with the ANC and the South African Communist Party, often called the tripartite alliance.

Bongani Masuku is Cosatu’s International Relations secretary.

He wrote that "no pro-Israel Jews should ever consider South Africa to be their home". From a functionary of a such a large organization, that is a disgusting statement. If it represents the opinions of the majority of South African union members, then people need to start boycotting South Africa again. Same old sh*t, different color.

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GRANT!PATEL! said...

The racism of the ANC and the South African communists probably explains why Boers and Indians are leaving South Africa at an ever increasing rate. Except for the bollocky Muslims, of course - they are a potent source of support for the hard line against the Jews, Hindus, and Afrikaners.

Several of my colleagues are from there. And refuse to ever go back. They've had it with that place.

---Grant Asbigabigotastheycome