Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go back to Oakland!

It looks like at the back of the hill had fun at his rally last week. I wouldn't have thought so, seeing as the other side (International Answer, ISM, and liquorstore-Americans) kept yelling and threatening to kill the seventy or so pro-Israel protestors. But they were too chicken to challenge the police, and thank heavens no one set any garbage can fires, coz those would've tied up things and caused many more arrests.
I should've stayed to watch. I really wish I had. Between stinky earthmoms from the other side of the bay, and the juvenile-delinquent Arabs, the mob was lusting for blood. And sooooo frustrated and very very unhappy that the SFPD dashed their hopes and rained on their wet dreams.

Weep, wail, toothy gnashing........

Back of the hill writes about it here:

One of the Arabs almost got arrested for throwing rocks, but they let him go because he was weeping. Coward.
Twelve other Arabs got arrested for criminal behaviour, five of them because they and twenty of their friends tried to beat up four Jews in the Civic Center Bart Station.
Jeez, guys, that's soooooo brave of you! Ganging up on an elderly couple! Grannies can be soooooo vicious! I know!

Did you get a faceful of mace?
Count yourselves lucky. She could've been packing a teargas cannister.
Next time, I hope she does.

The stupid thing is the Palestinians and their friends are trying to present this as a political thing only. Totally secularistic, and all about freedom and prosperity and everybody happy la la la! As pretty much said by the Indybay idiot that wrote the article quoted in this post:

You pro-Palestinian protestors aren't about peace, you're about race war. You want to kill Jews. You want to exterminate a group of people because you are bigots and racists. Go rub some lard over your fat ugly pig faces!

What I saw down at Civic Center last Saturday made it all completely clear. There were Jew-haters, vicious Arab teenagers, racist thugs, religious fanatics, and a huge number of supporters for dictators and criminals. Plus some jerk called Richard Becker.
They proved what a bunch of filthy rotten bastards they are while they were here, and then they boasted about it all week on Indybay. Which sucks, just so you know - Indybay is kinda like a dangerous religious cult, only political. It's an internet site where wanna-be terrorists cream in their panties over their own self-importance.

While they were over here trying to get violent, one of their soulbrothers back in Oakland brutally murdered four cops. For the past week, the dirtbags over in O-town have been saying the cops deserved it. Because they were cops.
I really wish the SF Police would beat the living daylights out of some of the East Bay scum that comes over here to protest in San Francisco. And kneecap the Berkeley commies. We don't need any of them, they scare tourists, shopkeepers, and old people, they leave garbage all over the place, irritate and threaten regular people, piss in doorways, and they don't spend any money. What exactly do we need them for?

So there! Blthhhhpppt!


GRANT!PATEL! said...

Don't like morons do you much, eh sweetie? Can't say I blame you - none of my clients are from Oakland or Berkeley.

Stanford and points east, mostly.

---Grant Intellectualsnob

The back of the hill said...

Thanks for two links!

By the way, the other side was over in front of the consulate this afternoon, protesting "police brutality" .....

It was the probably most anti-climactic protest ever.

Four of us, versus about twelve of them. They screamed themselves hoarse till five o'clock, then took off in a huff, upset that nobody took them seriously. Even the police were laughing.


Well, I don't go to Berkeley to scream about anything, I just let them be. Why should they come over here to make fools of themselves?

That, in my opinion, is what Berkeley is for.