Saturday, March 21, 2009

Horrible behaviour!

I just CANNOT believe the behavior of peace activists! Disgusting! I was on Market street and they were blocking the sidewalk and acting like they owned the place! Several times I nearly got hit by some stupid sign, or accosted by some VERY UNWASHED SPECIMEN of Berkeley!!!! who demanded that I leave Iraq, Afghansistan, and Palestine NOW!!!!

If you're going to convince me to stop occupying the middle east, could you at least WASH before you do so? Like, take a bath? Water? Using soap?

Feh. And pee-yew.

I know, soap is a capitalist-imperialist tool of repression that keeps the masses in slavery, and you righteously despise it, but, and I'm verry sorry, some of us have kind of gotten used to it by now. We rely on other people at least attempting to cover up their various smells. And horrible physical reeks. Truly, I really do know that that is incredibly bourgeois of me, unrevolutionary, and even shudder shudder middle class!!!!!!, but, you know, could you at least try? Before you go out in public?
Think of it as part of the propaganda effort.

A haircut would be nice too. I'm so sorry to say it, but many of you revolutionaries look like mangy rabid dogs. And given that you choose to act that way too, you might just get shot one of these days. It would be only natural confusion. Woof woof and boo.
We wouldn't want any working class blood on the pavement, would we?
I'm only saying this for your own good. I love you.

And I promise I'll just get the heck out of ALL those places you mentioned the very moment that you're civilized! Honest!!!!

Earlier this afternoon I was at the main library, and saw the Jews getting ready to counterdemonstrate across the plaza. I know that they were the Jewish side - they acted rather calm, quiet, and intelligent - I've met enough Berkeley Students and radical activists to recognize that that is not their chosen demeanor. Plus, these people looked clean, and some of them had very neat beards, not the scraggly birdsnests and ratty pelts so common in the artistic parts of town.
I should've joined them. Who knows, I might even have met someone whose blog I read.

After today's experiences, I think we need more Jews, and less Berkeleyites. And if that ever happens, the city will smell cleaner too.
Oh by the way, Grant and BOTH - little green panties! They were on sale after Saint Patrick's day! Yay!


GRANT!PATEL! said...

Yes, they do pongue a bit.

The can't help it. It's all those tumultuous hormones. Raging, I tell you. And entirely uninvested in another human.

---Grant Patel

GRANT!PATEL! said...

The peasants, are, as Spiros the slimy Amphibee might say, remarkably crude fellows.

---Kinky Fried-Egg

The back of the hill said...

Saint Patrick's Day panties? Lordy this country is nuts!

And yes, you should've joined us. You would've had a blast.


Yes, Saint Patricks day panties. Pale minty green, Robin Hood green, and moss green. All with white edging on the waistband. Just the perfect things for doing a river dance in!

Tat tap tappity.....

GRANT!PATEL! said...

I can just imagine you in those panties dancing your river. And it is good. It is very good.

Really, you should write much more about panties. Many of us adults are quite interested in your thoughts on that subject.

---Grant Toomanyginandtonics.hic.hic.hic!


Really, you should write much more about panties.

Did so today. Just for you. Enjoy.