Thursday, December 31, 2009

CodePink fits and shizzles

Those lovely ladies in rosy tootoos, known as CodePink, really had a (tofu) cow recently at their anti-Isreal and pro-Hamas fast in front of the Egyptian Consulate.
It was a very pink cow.

Turns out they don't like hummus.
The folks who showed up for a spontaneous anti-pink picnic offered them hummus - heavy on the cumin, olive oil (kosher virgin) and garlic, with nice soft pita bread - but the poor Berkeleyite maidenly Marxists manqué indicated that they much preferred Hamas.

Ladies, Hamas is inedible. Surely you know that? Not only inedible, but indigestible.

Anyhow, you sweet little thangs shouldn't have refused the hummus. It was gooooood!

For three days, for two hours each day, the ladies of CodePink refused, REFUSED, to eat anything. In public. At 276 Mallorca Way. In San Francisco.

[Described by a very perspicacious person here: ]

The reason was that they were upset, peevish even, because those evil Zionist conspirators (aka the Egyptian Government) wouldn't allow thirteen hundred middle-class pilgrims from Britain, Western Europe, and the United States to march through the sands into Gaza (aka a colony of Iran).
So they 'fasted'. For two whole hours a day.
Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday.
Oh, the sadness. Oh, the despair. Oh, the two hours without food.

It was very good hummus. More hummus, please, less hamas.

Their bloodsugar levels dropped precipitously, and they may have been short of breath at one point. They suffered intensely. It was the lowest they have ever been.

[Another perspicacious person described their agony here: ]

Anyhow, they'll be making up for it with a sunrise circle jerk, er, strike that, sunrise Iron Jane drum circle, with chanting and feathers and humming and all kindsa good stuff, down at Ocean Beach tomorrow 6 AM, with fire and everything! Organic hot cider! Spiritual blessings! Earth-mother karma! Prayers for whorled peas!

[As is perspicaciously outlined here: ]

The incomprehensible legacy of Medea Benjamin is filled with a soft golden light.
That's meaningfulness for you. It's either LSD or yoga, I'm not sure which.
I wonder how the folks who intend to burn an effigy next to them feel about that. But I have NO intention of joining either party, seeing as six o'clock in the morning at the beach in January is more than average insane.
I shall be warm in bed, in my flannel jammies with the little bunnywabbits and christmas bells which my aunt gave me.
Won't even be there in spirit. I ain't stupid.


Anonymous said...

The Imc (indymedia network ) loves your story: they have picked it up here:

and here:

Anonymous said...

I have determined that code Pink is where the "too stupid for Women in Black" activists go in the bay area. Thats a low, low bar.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason the Internet is filled with photos of Code Pink “activists” stripped to their underwear, smearing themselves with Ahava mud in department stores, despite the fact that this particular form of “direct action” has barely ever taken place. It’s because those photos are the first and foremost goal of such activities. The purpose of Code Pink is to make its members feel significant, important, edgy. And if over a thousand people have to go broke dragging themselves to Cairo only to get arrested, beaten or ignored, that’s a small price to pay to let the Code Pink crew continue to dwell in their fantasy world.

read more here:

Anonymous said...

Code Pink makes Women in Black look like Rhodes Scholars. The collective IQ of that group barely hits double digits