Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Caterpillar and Motorola: stock which the anti-Israel activists want you to buy

Golly gee, the meanies sent me an e-mail! Yay!

The 'US Campaign to end the Occupation' (basically, that's the wasp branch of Hamas and Islamic Jihad) wants EVERYBODY to buy stock in Caterpillar and Motorola. So as to get a vote at the shareholders' meetings.

Well, I might as well start my investment career now. I'm looking forward to it.

This is what the putzes (Katherine M. Fuchs et al) sent:

Hello all,

If you were at our annual Organizers' Conference last September, you already know that we're asking supporters of the Stop Caterkiller campaign to each purchase one share of Caterpillar stock before the end of the year.

While it may seem odd for a group pushing for divestment to encourage purchasing Caterpillar stock, there is a method to our madness. The real point of shareholder divestment is to pressure the corporation to divest of it's activities in the area of concern. With this in mind, once you become a Caterpillar shareholder you can 1) vote in favor of our resolution at the shareholder meeting and 2) support our protest activities inside the meeting by either attending yourself or designating a proxy. The reason we would like more turnout from our supporters at the shareholder meeting is that this has been the area where we've had the most success garnering media attention. The annual shareholder meeting is Caterpillar's day in the media's sun and if we can turn the attention from Cat's finances to their activities in Israel/Palestine it is a win for our campaign.

Three important things to keep in mind as you purchase stock and encourage friends to do the same:

Our purchasing of Cat stock should be kept quite for now. If Caterpillar learns of this strategy they may change the rules of the meeting to require more than one share for entry.

Time is of the essence. The cut-off date for shareholders receiving invitations to the meeting is fast approaching; I believe that this cut-off date is the end of the calendar year, so act now!

Let us know when you've confirmed your stock purchase so we can be in contact with you about shareholder meeting plans. You can email me at organizer[at]endtheoccupation[dot]org or call our office at 202-332-0994.

Please use the following instructions to purchase your share of Caterpillar Corporation:
You can purchase one share of Caterpillar stock for approximately $58.00. You can purchase one share of Motorola stock for approximately $9.00.

1. Go to www.zecco.com and sign up for a free membership.
2. After you complete all the information to set up your account, you will need to wait for an email that indicates that your account has been approved.
3. Follow the instructions included in the approval email to complete the account set up.
4. Once your account is set up, login to Zecco and then click on the "trading" tab. Please note that you will have a username and password for your Zecco account, as well as a trading key to access your trading account.
5. Once you’ve signed into the Trading Center, check the current asking price of the stock you wish to purchase using the Caterpillar symbol (CAT) and/or Motorola symbol (MOT).
6. Next you will need to set up a trading account, which is separate from the Zecco account. Click on “Funding and Transfers” on the left hand side of the page and then click on “Open an Account”. Fill out all the required information and select the way in which you would like to fund your account. The easiest way is by electronic transfer link (ACH) from your bank account.
7. Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email to confirm that you application is being processed. The email will give you instructs to follow to complete the association between your bank account and your trading account.
8. When your account is approved, go back to the Trading Center and check the current asking price for the CAT and/or MOT stock.
9. Click on the “Funding and Transfers” tab in the Trading Center and then click on the “Deposit to Zecco Trading” tab. On this page you should see a drop down menu that shows your bank account. When you fill out the amount field to transfer money from your bank account to your Zecco account, you will need to add a few extra dollars to ensure that you have enough buying power to purchase the stock. Please note that there is a $4.50 transaction fee to process the transaction. If you do not transfer enough the first time, you will need to deposit additional funds. Each time you transfer money to Zecco there is a waiting period of a few days to complete the transaction. For example, if the cost of the stock is $9.00, you may wish to deposit $15.00 to be safe.
10. When the money has been successfully transferred to your Zecco account, go into the Trading Center and fill out the information to purchase the stock. Once you have completed this information and send the order, the transaction should be complete within a few hours.
11. You should receive confirmation of your transaction by mail within about a week of your purchase.

Thank you so much for supporting this project! Even if you can't attend the shareholder meeting in Chicago next June your ownership of Cat stock will enable you to designate a proxy (we will put you in touch with a Stop Caterkiller activist in the Chicago area if you request) to participate in our "inside strategy" at the shareholder meeting.

Peace & Power, Katherine M. Fuchs
National Organizer US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
PO Box 21539Washington DC, 20009


Hi Katherine, if you're reading this, go hump a camel. People like you are the poisonous dregs in American society, and the sooner you die (or get arrested for treason) the better.
Oh, and you're kinda stoooooooooooooooopid.
You and all your kind.

Readers, note this:

"Our purchasing of Cat stock should be kept quite for now. If Caterpillar learns of this strategy they may change the rules of the meeting to require more than one share for entry. "

Please feel free to let the entire world know. And if you can, send it back to Katherine M. Fuchs.
With my blessings.
Don't keep quiet. Ever.


The back of the hill said...

Hee hee hee.

Quoted you.

Ari said...

Thanks for the heads-up.

Don't they have something better to do? Out of all the problems in the world, this is the one they focus on? Come on.

People are being executed for extramarital relationships in Saudi Arabia, Somalia and God-knows-where. Workers are being exploited in the diamond mining trade. People are malnourished all over the place, displaced by tsunamis and earthquakes. And they wanna get involved (at the periphery, no less) of a conflict instigated by ugly politics and anti-Semitism?

Then maybe they deserve to dart in front of a moving bulldozer or kill themselves with cellphone radiation.

Anonymous said...

I've already sent emails to Caterpillar and Motorola.

Anonymous said...

One of these days, when you wise up in college, and learn to either accept yourself or to make friends outside of the internet, you will learn to think for yourself and not let the approval and attention of old men sway your opinions and beliefs.

You are not dense. Just hungry for attention. It's why teenage girls such as yourself regularly bring up your panties on online blogs. And it's why old men first start reading your blog. You will one day feel embarrassed by every bigoted, racist remark or sexual innuendo you posted for the public to read.

College will be different. It's nothing like highschool.

I wasn't much different from you ten years ago.

Steffy said...

I do believe that Katherine Fuchs has humped the camel. Pictures of her make her seem quite sour.
Poor girl.
Maybe she needs chocolate.
Or some more wheatgerm.


One of these days, when you wise up in college, and learn to either accept yourself ....

Who the hell are you? Some dessicated old Jew-hating Berkeleyite troll?
Kindly keep your patronizing 'talk-down to the little yellow girlie' attitude bottled up inside you along with all the other hateful toxins that your biased bigoted body produces instead of sex hormones.

But thank you SO much for reading my blog.

Steffy said...

That was probably ms. Fuchs herself. Not going to stake my life on it, but it has all the earmarks of her kvetchy whiny attitude.

Oh, and I mentioned it here:

I am SO disappointed that your panties caught her attention, and not mine. Sniff.