Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Motorbikes, summer dresses, and panties

Spiros, commenting on a previous post, wrote: "I beg to differ with your opinion re: Vespas. Millions of Italians, thousands of Mods, and plenty of young ladies in summer dresses have looked absolutely splendid on Vespas. They certainly have many practical shortcomings, but they look (and make their riders look) great. Try wearing a summer dress on the backof a hog sometime. "

Well now. How practical is a summer dress? Given that this is a windy city, and cold too, do you really suggest that I wear one? On a motorbike OR vespa?

Yeah, I know that would excite Grant Patel (who is a horrid pervert, don't forget), but I really do NOT want the breeze to expose my panties to the entire sidewalk world. If they're that interested in panties, they can buy their own.
Same goes for yellow thighs covered in goosebump.
Sorry, Spiros, vespas are out.

Please instead imagine me on a real motorbike. Then suggest what kind. The Kawasaki Ninja may be too heavy and brutish, even though that is what makes it so loveable. And hogs may be too expensive.
I'm thinking something Japanese. What about you? Vroom, baby, vroom.

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GRANT!PATEL! said...

Yes. I am excited. Please wear a summer dress. A little frock. Or something short and juicy.
The weather certainly has been warm enough, don't you think? I think so. And I too am wearing something short and whispish.

--_Grant Patel