Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jury of WHOSE peers?

Fellow blogger ATBOTH, for reasons best known to himself, has forwarded an e-mail he wrote to members of his department:


I am required to show up for jury duty tomorrow morning.

That means I may not be in all day tomorrow, but it could also mean that I will be at work in early afternoon.
I will be in the office by evening at the latest to review orders in any case.

All orders entered tomorrow will be reviewed before Friday morning. Orders entered on Friday will be reviewed before Monday.

Sorry for whatever inconvenience this causes. I too am flabbergasted to be considered a prospective member of a jury of some random somebody's peers - it is monumentally deflating to my ego in any case.

Well of course I am fascinated. Is it a murder case? Haphazard drunken brawling? A contentious divorce? Does it involve mugging, smuggling, guns and drugs, or mysterious Caucasian concubines?

You really must tell me. If it's interesting, and you get chosen. I just love reading about sleaze.


GRANT!PATEL! said...

Either he's off the case or off the rocker.

---Grant Patel

Spiros said...

That is perhaps the most cogent thing Patel has ever said.

Spiros said...

Actually, the ONLY cogent thing Patel has ever said, now that I think about it.

Steffy said...

Kam boring! Why haven't you written any more yourself? Summer blahs?

Steffy said...

Thanks for writing more posts!

Steffy said...

And for linking me. I just noticed!