Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something about a trashy affair

So Atboth finally told me what the case was! And it is spicy.

There's a man who was dating a woman with whom he had an agreement that they could see other people. So of course she did. And there was a fight or confrontation with that other person, who had a pattern of violent behavior, and the first man went and got a gun because the second man was threatening the woman.

And the rest is history. No deaths. The trial is about unlawful discharge.

One of them is black. One of them is Asian. And one of them is white. Well, Armenian, but I guess that's white. Albeit a very hairy white. More hairy than most whites. But still, white underneath the pelt. Even though from a distance he probably looks like Fozzy Bear.

What I want to know is were any of them sleeping with anyone. Or was this all multiple dating before any sackjumping took place. In which case, why shoot?

Atboth says he'll find out more, and tell me when he does.
I shall hold my breath now.


succinctly amphibious said...

So you want to know if there was immoral discharge before the illegal discharge?

GRANT!PATEL! said...

I can tell you everything you might ever need or want to know about illegal discharges! I am an expert.

And, as a lawyer, I can say these things. It's better than being a doctor.

---Prancing Mervin