Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shocking pink and electric!

So she finally showed me exactly what the thing looks like. I had NO IDEA that they even made such things!!!!!!! It's sleek plastic and shaped kinda like a nineteen fifties rocket ship illustration, but whithout the fins. And she says it cost over a hundred bucks. Irridescent mother of pearl pink. It's very brightly hued. Betcha can't loose it even in the dark.

When she told me exactly what it was, and why it's used, I nearly spat out my milkshake. That was over a month ago. Today while we were at Walgreens she bought fresh batteries. So lucky that those aren't hard to find!!!!!

She told me later at Quickly's that the expensive kinds are silent, but the cheaper kinds sound like a chainsaw. I laughed so hard that melon tea came out of my nose.

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Spiros said...

I'm not touching this.