Friday, July 3, 2009

Old pervert

Thank you for offering me tasty shrimp curry. But I will NEVER take you up on that offer - I just don't trust you. That last comment, about my 'juicies rumpouse', whatever the depraved heck you meant by that, PROVES that you are sick sick sick sick sick sick!!!

Let me clarify. You are an adult. You are at least fifty, and probably a dried up old stick insect in addition to being a desperate roué. You probably grease your hair and flatter yourself that you still look no older than thirty.
And you probably use too much Calvin Klein male fragrance.

There is nothing, nothing, nothing at all suitable about you entertaining the idea that you could in any way be friends with me.
And I am not at all interested in any of your suggestions about lingerie or underwear, not even in the abstract, not even if you do have years and years of experience in women's undergarments. Whatever you think should go on the, as you describe them, "fruited curving elements of the yuventempter physique", is immaterial.
I do not dress or undress to please you. We shall not meet so that you can "judge and sincerely advise". I will not give you my phone number nor tell you where I live.

But I am very much interested in the shrimp curry recipe. Please post it on your blog, you pervert. Thanks!


GRANT!PATEL! said...

An entire post dedicated to me? Yoiu shouldn't have! I am touched. You touch me. I am farklempt, too. But not by touch. Though you shouldn't have! Really!

Curry recipe in the fullness of time, my little bonbon, be patient just a little more.

---Grant Patel

GRANT!PATEL! said...

And meanwhile, no heavy breathing! I can hear you.

---Great Pinkprawn