Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daily Planet Watchdog and the bitter bitch

Several of my readers (hah! I have readers! Actual people who read my blog!) want me to write more. And several also want me to read more. Angry Rabbit, the Balding Redhead, and the pink toad (these are pseudonymes) all advise me to read a site for which they kindly yet insistently provide the link.

New blog in Berkeley:
Daily Planet Watchdog

Some lovely stuff.

First a multiple choice quiz.

"One should ask why anti-Semitism has persisted throughout the centuries. Let us go back to 539 BC, when Cyrus the Great, King of Persia, went to Babylonia and liberated Jews. One can ask why Jews were enslaved by Babylonians. Also, one can ask why Jews had problem with Egyptians, with Jesus, with Europeans, and in modern times with Germans? The answer, among other things, is their racist attitude that they are the 'Chosen People.' Because of this attitude, they do wrong to other people to the point that others turn against them, namely, become anti-Semite if you will."

Is the above from:

(a) Mel Gibson’s drunk driving police report
(b) Mein Kampf
(c) The Hamas Charter
(d) The Berkeley Daily Planet


Quoting liberally form the Daily Planet Watchdog:

"Like other Berkeley Daily Planet writers, Hallinan is obsessed with Israel. Many of his columns concern Israel in part or in whole. They are, of course, taken as a body, condemnatory. His non-Israel articles often deal with a defense of the Soviet Union and its clients--well, actually, we mean Russia, the rump remains of the Soviet Union. This might explain why he writes in the deadly dull and humorless style of a party apparatchik..........."

"So why does Becky O'Malley do it? To be sure, she is an extreme ideologue.
Some believe that she is driven by a hatred of all developers, while others believe that it is a hatred of Israel that obsessively drives her toward financial ruin.
We have a different theory. We all know "authors" whose great American novel went unappreciated by the many publishers to whom they applied, and who then, in desperation and delusion, self-publish. We believe that the Berkeley Daily Planet is Becky O'Malley's very own vanity press. Our epiphany came when O'Malley proclaimed to the editor of this website that she believes herself to be a wonderful writer.

"You will know we are in trouble if we pretend to be a non-profit and start asking you for dimes.
But what would really spell disaster for would be the reform of the DP. So, PLEASE, do not tell them that its reform would destroy us. We would lose our very purpose of existence.
In such an event, we would go bust, and it will be on your conscience.

"Why are advertisers flocking to the East Bay Express and shunning the Berkeley Daily Planet? Three reasons, we believe. First, The East Bay Express is a much better paper without being a purveyor of hate. Second, the Berkeley Daily Planet’s core demographic, Berkeley’s aging radicals, is of only marginal interest to most would be advertisers. Third, as a matter of practicality, advertising in the Berkeley Daily Planet does not attract customers."

"In this section of our website we hope to post positive statements about Ms. O’Malley’s improved performance. We regret that we have little to say yet. However, over time, we hope and believe that this will become the largest section of our website. In fact, we look forward to the day when the paper becomes so good that we can fold our tent, and go home. "

"The question as to whether the Berkeley Daily Planet is anti-Semitic can be divided into three parts:
First, has the Berkeley Daily Planet published unequivocally anti-Semitic op-eds, cartoons, and letters? Here, the answer is a definite YES.
Second, is the Berkeley Daily Planet in its totality an anti-Semitic newspaper? Here the answer, we believe, is PROBABLY.

"People we have met who know Becky O’Malley well most often use the words "angry" or "bitter" to describe her. As with most of her writings, O’Malley’s June 25, 2009 editorial is a rambling and utterly incoherent mess. All we can say is that it is some sort hysterical and flailing analysis of the whole world. About all that comes through is her bitterness and anger.
As usual with O’Malley, schoolyard taunts replace thought. So we learn that legislators in Sacramento are "chumps" and "idiots;" Israel’s elected leaders are "dreadful people" and "thugs;" British and New York legislators are all "fools."
Probably few of you actually read O’Malley’s editorials, but just this once we beg you to give it a try.
"It gets stranger and stranger the more one looks at it. After several readings, we have concluded that, at bottom, it is a diatribe against, of all things, democracy. "


Okay. I'll read it. You've convinced me.

Isn't the Daily Planet the newspaper that prints Joseph Anderson's angry Jew-hating rants? He doesn't like Jews, Whites, or Asians, does he?

Some of my best friends are Jews, Whites, and Asians.
And Berkeley sucks.


GRANT!PATEL! said...

Oh bla bla bla. He sent me that e-mail too. I just haven't had a chance to reduce it to more managable muck.

But I will. And then you will know.

Berkeley Planet, hah!

----Complenty Bong

ViciousKitty said...

Good site. Shall link. At some point.

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