Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Most miserable protest ever!

What a monumental waste of time. International ANSWER and Richard Becker were holding a protest down at the new Federal Building at Mission and Seventh, and it stank.

Okay, maybe about one hundred to one hundred and fifty middle-aged Berkeley nimrods showed up. Plus one or two idiots wearing those checkered shemag-type rags.

The speeches were all across the board. Very pointless. Some abgry Latin housewife ranted about the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. They arrested her last week and fined her several thousand dollars for littering and postering. The nerve! Ay madre Maria!

The fact that you get fined for littering, if you litter, is, apparently, a sign of horrible depravity and imperialist suppport for dumping daisy-cutters on Afghan farmers and recruiting fourteen year olds in the American school system. Oakland is just as bad. They're all icky bastards.

Richard Becker spoke too. It was very uninspiring, very unfocussed. Several other people screamed strident things into the microphone. There was some insipid and anemic chanting at some point.

No, it wasn't about Israel. I don't really know what it was about. The whole excercise seemed remarkably pointless. Maybe Grant Patel is right; maybe Richard Becker has lost his manhood. I wonder who the she-gorgon is who emasculated him. If that's the best that the America-hating commies on the West-Coast can do, there is nothing to fear. The twenty cops who were there could snuff the revolution out before anyone even blinked.

Pathetic. Stupid. Pointless. Loopy. Very San Francisco. Cold and windy. Bah.

Richard Becker, go back to the drawing board. And get some medical help for your manhood. Maybe it's not the size that is deficient (sorry, Grant), maybe it's the complete lack of testicular impressiveness to begin with. You are old, scruntchy, and sallow. Your teeth look rotten, and those glasses look rather goobus. You are a most unimpressive man. Richard Becker, you are a shallow and very silly weasel.


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