Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smarmy Parsi sex-gargoyle

Grant Patel is probably the worst pervert in Northern california. And I do not write this lightly. I suspect he makes even the Hamas supporter outside the BFUU look like an amateur. And lord knows, that creep tied his victim to himself pretty darn good, from all accounts (and on his own blog he even lists his occupation as 'pedophile' - that takes chutzpah).

Well, Atboth did call him an all-round fetishist. Which is VERY accurate. But doesn't nearly say it all.

Grant Patel, in his latest posting, goes over the top, off the deep end, around the bend, and into a dark little dungeon of degenerate fantasy.

He writes:
"A delicate Cantonese maiden vrooming around San Francisco on a big macho muscle-bike is topnotch. Oh yes. Entertainments! The sun on her golden skin, the wind in her long raven hair, the delicate dark lace garters or tight constrictive frilly undergarments of enticement only".


The "delicate Cantonese maiden" in the passage above would, in his twisted mind, be me. With the addition of his garters or tight frillies. He also recommends black or crimson 'chase-me-do-me' high-heels.
Probably because he thinks me too short, or something.

I am tall enough, mister Patel, to kick you where it hurts. Except that I would have to meet you to do that, and given your disgusting sex-gargoyle tendencies, that is so not likely to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only object of your unclean pursuits mister Patel? Are there no Indian or Pakistani girls you could harass? Is your life really that empty and sad that I represent your likeliest prospect?
Have you no aunties who could find you a victim? Are you so devoid of charm that not even your relatives will find you a mate? Do none of your nearest and dearest trust you around the elderly spinster relatives of their friends? Surely a comely Indian widow, large and fully breasted, is more suited to tackling so mean and frantic a weasel as yourself?

Why don't you place an ad in the papers if you are so desperate?

"Smarmy Parsi lawyer seeks weak-minded Indian female. Age no object. Must like long walks on the beach, dogs who hump legs, and applying choke-holds".

Or something like that. I'm sure someone would eventually bite.


GRANT!PATEL! said...

Gadzooks. You obviously favor the slimy Dutchman. Hah! And why, may I ask? Is he the fine figure of Parsee manhood that I am represented? Does he cater to your whimsy nearly as much? Does he even have a yummy shrimp curry?

Well? Does he?

---Grant Proofracked

Food for Thought said...

Perhaps Patel Sahib would enjoy being bitten.

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