Monday, June 8, 2009

International Answer and the Jews

On Saturday I went down to United Nations Plaza at Market Street to see the big hate festival organized by International Answer and Richard Becker, and to see if Atboth and his friends were there.

So boring!!!!!!!! Boring!!!!! Very, very, very, very, very borrriiiiinnggnngng!

The haters only had about a hundred people! I think there were more pro-Israel people there than fans Richard Becker. There was one guy on the hate side with a 'Queers for Gaza' teeshirt - he looked dim and out of it. And talk about goofy message!!!!
"Queers for Gaza"
That's like Elephants for Ivory. Or Trees United for the paper industry.
Pro-soup chickens, oranges loving juicers, and Jews for Jezus.
Too crazy to live, that one. What part of the Hamas' hatred of gays doesn't that man get??!?!?!?!

After listening to the International Answer speakers for only fifteen minutes the pro-Israeli side got bored and marched down Market street.
Richard Becker also spoke. At least I think he did. Some boring geeky guy with glasses and a whiny voice. Too old to be up there acting so terminal.
It was all extremely boring, and I really hope the pro-Israel side all had lots of coffee afterwards.

I tried to spot Atboth, 'cause I thought it would be fun to finally meet him, but I couldn't tell who he was. There was nobody there smoking a pipe. And I don't know what he looks like. And there were several intelligent looking men on the Jewish side, so it would've been as pointless as looking for a needle in a haystack. They were all talking all at once with each other, and I didn't think I'd get a chance to ask any of them.
They were all too busy ignoring Richard Becker, I guess.

The frizzy-haired troll from San Francisco Women in Black who eyed me hungrily at Montgomerey street a while ago wasn't there. If she had been, I probably would've kicked her.
And I'm guessing that Grant Patel wasn't there. He would've forced me to kick him.
Except he probably would've liked that.


GRANT!PATEL! said...

What?!?! You were ther? You should've introduced yourself! I was the remarkably handsome Desi with the pitch pitch pitch black hair! You would've recognized me no problems!

---Grant Patel

GRANT!PATEL! said...

And your tiny feetsies cannot harm me, I am all man. Despite the merest whisp of salt'n'peppah. Very picture of elegant hunk.
Well dressed and fitted out hundsomeness.

---Grant Greenish

GRANT!PATEL! said...

In fact, why you would've wished to meet aAtboth is beside me. Probably a mere wisp of degenerate Dutchness, and a profouund pongue of stale cigars. Not good.

Grant Pruine

Rabid Bunny said...

Regal Road, 94708 and Howard Street, 94105?

P and OHS.