Saturday, June 27, 2009

Booboo has a honey?

So uncle Booboo came in late last night. And we could all hear him. He was singing. He's a lousy singer, by the way, and moaning Yuet-kuk lyrics sound lugubrious anyhow. Even when it's supposed to be happy and carefree. At least they do to me - I really don't like those old-timey Cantonese tearjerker movies.

Does he FINALLY have a girlfriend? After all these years!!! That, of course, is the big question. Middle-aged men SHOULD have girlfriends, it keeps them moored to reality, but uncle Booboo was just a bit .......
Well never mind that. We were wondering. That's all.

He's not saying anything, but he's much cleaner than he used to be. I think he shaves nearly every day now. Combs his hair too. And he's smoking less. He's obviously up to something!
I just hope his little huggybun is blond.
That would definitely freak out Grannie and Mom. And we need some excitement around here.


GRANT!PATEL! said...

Good heavnes me, girlfriend, this blog is filled with sex! I thought nice little minckseseses did not swung that. You undisappointment me most intensely.
Oh yes. Yoghurt times two.

---Grant Iamblondeinallparticulars

The back of the hill said...

undisappointment me

By which you mean....?

perspicaciously ampibious said...

Your asking Patel Sahib what he means? You need your head examined.

perspicaciously amphibious again said...

I, on the other hand, need to watch what I am typing (first "your" supposed to have been "you're", of course).