Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Phillipines must apologize

For generations the Malayan world (Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines) took out its frustrations on the resident foreign population. Usually those frustrations were caused by the failures of Malayan types to actually achieve anything worthwhile. The "foreigners", for five centuries, were native-born Chinese - many of many of whom had parents and grandparents who were born there, and many of whom formed the civilized class in the societies of the Malayan world.

Anti-Chinese riots are part of Malaysian history, Indonesian history, and Phillipino history.

The brutal massacres of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were followed by more polite massacres in the twentieth……

The Malays collaborated lock, stock, and barrel with the Japanese – and robbed and killed Chinese.
The Indonesians collaborated – to the same extent, and with the same result.
The Phillipinos didn’t collaborate so very much – but the results were identical.

In the nineteen sixties, Malays in Kuala Lumpur rioted and killed Chinese. Indonesians organized pogroms, and slaughtered over a million Chinese.
The Phillipinos didn’t riot so much – they were satisfied with merely extorting money and occasionally kidnapping and killing Chinese.


Yesterday a Phillipino policeman took out his anger and frustrations…… by killing eight Chinese tourists from Hong Kong.

They had nothing to do with his anger and frustration. They were just tourists. Wrong place, wrong time.
Still, typical reaction. He got rid of his anger and frustration. They died.

"Why did they do this to us?" said one of the survivors, identified as Mrs Leung. Her husband and two daughters were killed and her son is in intensive care.

It looks like the Phillipine government is, belatedly realizing, that they mismanaged this from start to finish. After all, only Chinese, right?
Except that there are thousands, tens of thousands, of Phillipinos who work in Hong Kong. And China is no longer the weak man of Asia.

The Hong Kong and Peking governments are justifiably furious. And demanding that the Phillipinos "conduct a detailed and comprehensive investigation on the incident".
[Source: BBC]

Dammit, they can demand more.
Demand an abject apology from the Phillipinos.
It's about time the Malayan nations realize that the shoe is on the other foot now.

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