Thursday, February 18, 2010

Panty-hating leftwing creeps

Haven't posted in a while due to school restarting. So it was a surprise to find over eighty comments awaiting moderation. I have approved ten of them, which can now be read by my voracious and impatient public underneath their respective posts - you know who you are.
Oh and thanks Ari, Atboth, and several Anonymouses.

Several spammatic comments were rejected; only two of them were for viagra, and one of them was for cosmetic surgery - breast implants, I believe. The others were dense Russian stuff or programming code.

But ONE comment really deserves mention.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Caterpillar and Motorola: stock which the anti-Israel activists want you to buy"

"One of these days, when you wise up in college, and learn to either accept yourself or to make friends outside of the internet, you will learn to think for yourself and not let the approval and attention of old men sway your opinions and beliefs.

You are not dense. Just hungry for attention. It's why teenage girls such as yourself regularly bring up your panties on online blogs. And it's why old men first start reading your blog. You will one day feel embarrassed by every bigoted, racist remark or sexual innuendo you posted for the public to read.

College will be different. It's nothing like highschool.

I wasn't much different from you ten years ago."

[Posted by Anonymous, December 18, 2009 5:38 AM]


Dear Anonymous,

Sweatheart, you have clearly not been reading my blog attentively. You just noticed mention of the word panties (hi Grant Patel!) and flipped your lid.
Had that been the ONLY thing you noticed, I would consider you no more than a pervert - such as infest the Bay Area, it's perv central - and pay it no mind. But you decided to complain patronizingly about my intense dislike for pro-Palestinians, Jew-haters, Berkeleyites, Leftwing scumsucking terrorism supporters, and the International ANSWER crowd always getting their knickers sopping whenever some retrograde thirdworld goon chief says something particularly anti-American or anti-Israeli.

Oh poor you.
Did I hurt your feelings? Did I disappoint your preconceptions about nice little Chinatown girls? Did I offend your bleeding-heart liberal attitudes about the noble savages in Gaza, the Westbank, and sundry liquor stores all over San Francisco? Boo hoo.

Look, that you choose to invest yourself emotionally in Dick Becker's filthy causes is your affair - and what a sweaty nasty seedy affair that must be - but you and your type are rapidly making the Bay Area a worse place than the presence of Berkeley does. Between intellectual thugs such as yourself, opportunists and mental cripples such as Mirkarimi and John Avalos, and the Bay Area Women in Black, Code Pink, Students for buggerall in Palestine, and others of your frightful ilk, this place is going to the dogs at double-speed.

One of the attentive and approving old men of whom you spoke said this:

"Given the monumental human suffering that the far left have been responsible for since 1917, in a perfect world every one of those people would be lined up and shot."

Go ahead, read all of it. I have, attentively and approvingly.

And I agree with him. Boy howdy do I agree. Assholes like yourself supported the Khmer Rouge and the murderous excess of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Since then you have boosted any number of rapacious dictators and criminal regimes, as now you support that sleazy Persian, the decrepit Cuban, the madmen in the Sudan, and that loony in Venezuela.
You are responsible for ninety five percent of all the bad karma in a large radius around your rancid little self. You need to die. Get banged, creep.

But thank you so very very much for reading my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm starved for attention and I really do appreciate your feedback. Thank you! Especially because you are so much older and wiser - ten whole years? Wow!


Anonymous said...

Me likim ppantiess!

The back of the hill said...

My dear Anonymous, we ALL like panties. They are probably the single most delightful invention of the modern age.


So tell me, mr. Atboth, do YOU wear panties?

I am strangely unexcited at the thought.

I suspect that Richard Becker wears the panties in his family - that, also, unexcites me.

Steffy said...

I wear panties! Little pink ones, European cut.

If Atboth wears panties, he is very weird.

Steffy said...

Aside from being big as a bucket, of course. As is the wont of sanctimonious white heifers.
Big buts, small hearts.

Steffy said...

Or he's a typical Hong Kong mahjong player. Panties are powerful juju.

I mention panties here: in connection with Ms,. Katherine M. Fuchs, whose panties are probably nasty and made of sackcloth, the poor dear.


Katherine M. Fuchs, whose panties are probably nasty and made of sackcloth, the poor dear.
No no no! Soviet era granny panties in revolutionary red!

See this commercial:

Very nice!


Who is the mahjong player?

Did you mean Dick Becker (notorious, according to Grant Patel for having a small masculine participle - see here: and especially here: )

Or did you mean Atboth: and also:

I would venture that Richard Becker would have to wear panties anyway, if he is as tiny as Grant Patel avers. And Atboth is middle-aged, so probably a bit "comfortable" in the posterior file. As middle-aged are wont to be. Sorry dear.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Good heavens little girl, at whom have you been flaunting your silken undies but not at me?!!?

I should indeed be outraged.

And, contrary to what dried up old biscuit Katherine Fuchs may aver, I am not OLD. I am in prime of life, and a jolly fine figure of a man. She speaks from a position of envy, knowing that neither her own panties nor what fills them excites passion in anyone save the dead and zombies.

And camels.


Cotton undies.

And Granty, you are probably more like a camel than anyone I know.