Friday, May 28, 2010


The Palestinian 'chief-obstacle' has finally made it clear:

That, at the very minimum, is the substance of a recent statement.

"Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas revealed Thursday that he does not intend to hold direct negotiations with Israeli leaders until Israel and the PA have reached a United States-mediated final agreement regarding the borders of a future PA state. Those borders must include Jerusalem as the capital, he added."
End quote.

[Article: Abbas: Agree on Borders First, then Hold Direct Talks]

This means that unless Israel gives up her capitol city - the focus of Jewish yearning for all the long years of exile and for several centuries overwhelmingly Jewish - the PLO will not even consider coming to terms with reality and the existence of the state which predates their own violent nationalism.

It will of course be remembered that until 1967, the people who now call themselves Palestinians considered themselves Jordanian, Syrian, and Egyptian. In point of fact, one could argue that there was no sense of differentiation from the Arab Umma before Hussein of Jordan wrested control of his kingdom back and expelled the PLO during Black September.

[Note: Not only Jordan was glad to see the backs of this group - Lebanon, Tunis, Kuwait, and Iraq were pleased by every "Palestinian" departure. Arafat, founder of this farce of a nation, managed to insult and injure every Arab government that ever extended the hand of friendship to his cutthroat clique. Arab support for the "Palestinian" cause can be seen as little more than a desire to be well rid of so unstable and volatile a bunch.]

"It is the aim of negotiations to lead to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital," Abbas said at a press conference in Malaysia. The PA chairman is currently on a tour of Asia. "
End quote.

There is no doubt that the Malaysians lapped his words up. Malays have bitterly resented their own status as unimportant fringe players in the grand scheme of things, and their loathing for the values of Western Civilization has driven many of them into the arms of ethnic hate and Islamic Nationalism - since the eighties, their more extreme elements have sought to prove their worth to the Arabs.
Who, except for desperate gangsters and crooks like Abbas, persist in regarding them as little more than pathetic wannabees.

Much like the Pakistanis, in other words.

Isn't anyone getting tired of this bunch of idiots?

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joe six-pack said...

A major problem is that this bunch of idiots are dangerous.