Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Malaysia, Indonesia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Ireland, Turkey, and Holland support terror

[Sarcasm alert] BECAUSE TERROR IS THE NEW 'DEMOCRACY'! [End sarcasm alert]

From the BBC:
About 120 activists arrived in Jordan via the Allenby crossing in the morning to cheers and applause from supporters.
The activists, from Arab and Muslim nations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Pakistan, were due to travel on to Amman, from where they would travel to their respective countries.

End quote.


Malaysia still practices a vicious form of racism and apartheid against the Chinese who have been there for generations, in some cases longer than the 'original Malays', many of whom are descended from Sumatrans, Javans, and Bugis who immigrated during the British colonial period; Indonesia has Muslim fanatics who massacred Christians in Ambon and animists in Borneo, in Jihad campaigns that still fester - their alleged counter-terror operations concentrate mainly on preventing their Islamicists from destroying the tourist industry.

Bahrain, like many Gulf States, has business men and clerics who channel funds for AlQaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and various other Jihadi causes; Kuwait presents the same scenario - they resent the Western World, even after having their char-siu saved during Saddam's day; Pakistan is filled with thieves and murderers with impeccable Muslim credentials, and remains the main source of Terrorism in the civilized world, aside from having an intelligence service that is heavily involved in Jihad and an intelligentsia which spews conspiracy theories, Islamic hatred of America, and venom against Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and Ahmadis.

Ireland has replaced their love of Celto-Fascist thugs with a fanatical love of anti-Semites and revolutionaries in the third world; Turkey is hand in glove with Jihadi charities funding Hamas and Al-Qaeda in Iraq; and Holland so tolerates Islamic radicals that it supports them with state funds.

Note that the next terror-ship to attempt to break Israel's blockade comes from Ireland - a country which makes up for it's relatively short history of Jew-hate by being that much more enthusiastic and mis-informed.

The Turkish role in spreading Islamic radicalism is, by now, self-evident. That country should be expelled from NATO as soon as possible, though doing so would probably hasten the time when the Turks use our own weapons against us. Turkey is once again positioning itself as the head of the Islamic umma, and the Ghazi mentality has come back tenfold since the days when the Turks still paid lip-service to secularism and civilized values.

The Dutch harbor so many angry Muslims, mainly Arabs and Turks, that their entire nation is at risk - the Socialist Party ('Socialistische Partij') has already seen the light and collaborates at every opportunity with the future masters of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, while the old mainline Socialists (Dutch Labor Party - Partij van de Arbeid) still maintains a modest pretense at Dutch values, albeit only their own rather eccentric interpretation thereof.

For more on the Turks:

For more on the Dutch:

The role of the Malays, Indonesians, and Arabs in international terror and the perpetration of Islamic tyranny is already too well known, and you can find it on the internet with no trouble at all.


Anonymous said...

Free Gaza: Donate your expired cough medicine to Paul Larudee of El Cerrito!

Interview with Senior Israeli Official from COGAT03 Jun 2010

Reply to this comment
Q: How does this equipment normally get distributed?
A: The PA in Ramallah represents the private sector in Gaza and coordinates the distribution via the humanitarian organizations.

Q: How much aid does the flotilla represent, compared to the usual aid flowing into Gaza via Israel?
A: About 1 day's worth.

Q: What sort of aid is on the ships?
A: Clothes and shoes, though its not clear if they are new or used. Medicine, medical equipment. Its difficult to know because it was all randomly thrown into the belly of the ships.

Q: If its urgent for all this humanitarian aid to get into Gaza, why is Hamas not allowing it in?
A: We (COGAT) have even asked the Red Cross to help with distributing the medical equipment, yet they have refused to get involved. We have 13 trucks waiting in Israel, not including the 9 at the Keren Shalom crossing, and we're just waiting to send it in.

Q: Has the date of the aid medication that arrived via the flotilla, expired?
A: So far, we (COGAT) have located two types of medication. An unlabeled cough syrup of some sort, which expired this past April, and children's paracetamol (liquid acetaminophen) which expires this coming July (a month away)...

Ari said...

The mind boggles.

Anonymous said...

I'am indonesian and what you say about what happened in ambon and borneo is all bull shit...

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?