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Once again the sneering pustules of England have united to impose their twisted worldview.
Is there NO hatred to which they will not stoop?

England, which likes to bill itself as the birthplace of democracy, and a liberal tolerant nation besides, delights in taking the lead when it comes to bigotry, political correctness, and promoting an intolerance of which both Stalin and Hitler would approve. Gone are the days when England was the world's brightest light, a bastion against the European darkness. Now what remains is quislingism, pettiness, and a shallowness of vision utterly terrifying in its limitation of scope, depth, or intelligence.

Describing Israel as a “rogue state,” a “terror state way beyond apartheid” and a “war state” with “no appetite for peace or coexistence,” Unite, Britain’s biggest trade union, voted last Thursday for a complete boycott of Israeli goods and services at its annual conference in Manchester.
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Note this well: the one state which still maintains apartheid, Malaysia, has NEVER been condemned by the British - possibly because Malaysian Apartheid was engineered by the British, is still clothed in acceptable British legal phraseology, and is aimed at the two ethnicities which struggled against British hegemony: the Chinese and the Indians. Malaysia never fought the British; for their limpness and obsequium they are rewarded well, and they are a respected member of the Commonwealth.

The union, which has some two million members, will now “actively and vigorously” promote a boycott of Israeli goods and services “similar to the boycott of South Africa during the apartheid era,” as well as a policy of divestment from Israeli companies.
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British unions have always had traitors among their ranks. During the cold war, the spies and mercenaries of the East-Bloc were coddled, supported, nurtured by the British left. Many of the fancy boys who accepted vodka and affection from Moscow's secret agents posted to the Court of St. James came from the ranks of 'Labour'.

Raymond Morrell, from the London and Eastern region of Unite’s Aerospace and Shipbuilding sector, described Israel as a “terror state” that goes “way beyond” what South Africa once was.
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Raymond Morrell, who in a different world would probably be a bomb-throwing irredentist instead of merely a moral cripple, does not grasp the meaning of words.

In a region where terror is funded and encouraged by Arabs (ever a fetishistic fondness of British men), engineered by rabid religious fanatics, cheered by Pakistan, Turkey, and Iran, Israel is the only NON-TERROR state.

In a world where the Saudis still outlaw freedom of religion and import non-Muslims from Africa and Asia to work as domestics - in conditions often too horrible to detail - a world where Egypt semi-officially sanctions violence against Christians and Sudanese, a world where the whorehouses of the Gulf states and Lebanon are filled with the abused victims of Arab venality and sexism - Raymond Morrell shows his utter lack of a moral compass and his complete ethical deprivation by accusing the single country in the Middle East where women have equality and gays have rights of being worse than Britain's former favourite client, which even after the Boers took over bought arms and ammo from the English.

But then, what else could one expect from the British?

With no mention of rocket and mortar attacks on Israel, the motion called for an annulment of the European Union-Israel trade agreement and for sanctions to be imposed.
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How precisely a reflection of English displeasure at having been kicked out of the Holy Land at the end of World War Two. The English do not soon forget their humiliation.
It took until 1939 before they opportunistically forgave the United States for having rejected their colonial dictats, and even today the voices of anti-Americanism still ring loudest in the British Isles - despite their freedom being founded upon American resolve in the face of Hitler's fascism, Stalin's bombast, European hypocrisy and weakness, and Arab treachery.
The English, like the French, are at heart "surrender monkeys", as their largest trade union, once again, demonstrates.
Gentlemen! We really did not need another example! The history books are already filled with Albion's perfidy.

But it is remarkable how an upper-class distaste for Jews has translated into a virulent lower-class bigotry.
Truly they are a "united" kingdom.

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