Sunday, November 9, 2008

About chicken and black beans

I really like salty flavours. I could eat chicken or pork with blackbeans or shrimp sauce and rice every day. Even beef, but that must have a lot of garlic.

Chicken with black bean sauce.

One pound of chicken
One green pepper
Half a strip bacon
Half a cup stock
One tablespoon rice wine
Half tablepoon tausee (salted black bean)
One teaspoon cornstarch
Half teaspoon sugar
Minced ginger and garlic
Shredded green onions

Chop the chicken into pieces about one and a half inches across. Chop the green pepper and bacon much smaller than that. Mix the sugar and cornstarch with a little cold water. Chop the tausee a little bit but not too fine.
Stirfry the chicken for a minute in a wok, then add the pepper and bacon. Cook while stirring till the bacon is wilted. Then add the ginger, garlic, and tausee. When the garlic and ginger are golden add the stock and rice wine. Cook for a few minutes, then mix in the water with the sugar and cornstarch and cook till glossy. Throw in the shredded onions before taking off the stove and then add a few drops red vinegar.

If you add a little ham ha jerng (which is shrimp paste) while cooking it is even better! But some people do not like it so salty.

My friend Kitty doesn't like chicken very much, she could use small chopped streaky pork instead. But blanch it first to remove the blood smell.

It is very delicious. Food is better than .....
At least I hope so!

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