Monday, November 17, 2008

I hate p.e.!!!!!!!!!!

I hate undressing with other girls, cause my legs are too fat and short, and I don't have big round fat blonde breasts! I always feel like I'm too small and babyish around the others, and too fat. Plus the p.e. teacher is a sadist! This is so stupid! Noen of us is EVER going to be a football player, and most of hate hate hate sports!

Plus I always sweat too much, and my skin feels greasy afterwards, and I can't run with glasses on. P.E. is stupid!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you know you can get a PE waiver if you agree to do an outside activity?
I did- I'm taking Krav maga. Its a martial art with no grace and no philosophy other than "Kick them in the groin and RUN!!!!!!"
I figured that getting beaten up at Krav Maga 3 times a week was better than getting beaten up in the locker room 3 times a week.
More control.



But you still get beaten up! That's NOT any better!!!!

No p.e. at all is the best possible solution!!!!

Who needs p.e. when you live in San Francisco? We have hills!


Plus p.e. gives you zits and makes you sweat in weird places. Gross.

Samna Hindustani said...

Hence the need for an excellent and affordable emollient.

One that purifies everything it touches.