Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recipe for steamed pork with dried fish

My granny can't eat dried fish because of her bloodpressure. And Uncle Fatty hates it!
So I like it, because the two of them eat everything else!

Steamed Pork With Dry Fish

One pound ground pork
A two finger piece of muy herng dried fish (梅香)
Half tablespoon sesame oil
Half tablespoon soy sauce
Half tablespoon rice wine
Half teaspoon sugar
Half teaspoon cornflour
Minced ginger and garlic

Work over the pork a little with two cleavers, then mix everything but the dry fish together in a shallow bowl. Pat to flatten and put the dry fish on top. Steam for fifteen or twenty minutes. Add some parsley or cilantro. It is delicious.

If you don't like the taste of dry fish (waah, ho mey-ga!), you can do the same thing with preserved mustard or turnip. You must soak them first to remove some of the salt, then chop them very fine. It's very good too, but not as good as steamed pork with dried fish.

This is really old school, but very very good. Try it!

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Anonymous said...

That restaurant looks good. I often do something very much like that, except without the haahm-yu.
It can also be done with a beaten egg poured over the top half-way through.