Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catch 22

This book is really funny if you like the army or frustrated men wearing uniforms. Its about a man who wants to stop flying bombers, but every time they raise the flights he has to do to get out. There are several interesting characters such as Major Major Major. His dad named him Major, his family name is Major, and he is a Major. This is kind of like someone named Panic who becomes a general or Peace with a boy called Warren. Silly, but funny too.

There are many things which do not make sense, such as the rule that the book is named after, catch 22. If you are worried about staying alive you are too sane to let go. If you ask out you prove that you are not crazy so you stay in. No matter what you do you will not get out. Ever!!!
Plus its about very important people telling everyone else what to do. Which is sort of what life is all about. The military is presented as an illogical environment, but one that functions according to strict rules.

The book is by Joseph Heller. It was written in 1961. I recommend it. They also made a movie of it, but I have not seen that. It is not like M*A*S*H* at all.

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