Saturday, November 29, 2008


I haven't written in many days, so this will be a long post. Sorry.

I spent all day on Thanksgiving helping my mom while my brothers sat in front of the television. This stinks! (I'm really using a much worse word here!) Uncle Booboo came into the kitchen to snack so many times, and wouldn't shut up. He's nearly as useless as granny. Granny was chopping the meat for the dumplings and kept dropping stuff on the floor when her glasses slipped. And she uses way too much garlic and salt, not enough ginger.
But it was really nice having everybody here (except uncle Fatty who went to Tahoe for four days), even if some of them COULD HAVE BEEN MUCH MORE USEFUL! And not so lazy sitting on the couch all day! Eating chips!
The turkey was very juicy, everybody had some, and the yams were sweet. We all ate too much. And then there was coconut lime cake afterwards.

There are still two containers of dumplings in the freezer. Soup will go well with them and noodles and bokchoi. I don't know what we can do with the cranberry stuff, because no one really likes soapy-sour very much. The cake is all gone. Granny had two pieces at least.

Yesterday mom and aunty Wah and I went shopping. So many people! It was a zoo! I didn't think I could find anything for my brothers with all those people hurrying about. But I got some nice things for friends, so I did get something done. I'm too busy to find anything for myself these times. I keep spending my red envelope money for other people's presents. And mom doesn't want to spend any money at all! (Which explains a lot about my allowance!)

We had food from Kam Heng for dinner. No one wanted to cook after eating all day Thursday and shopping all day Friday. It was too salty, even I thought so. They cook for old people. But it was good and convenient. Mom made uncle Booboo buy it as punishment for being such a pest on Thanksgiving. Maybe she can also make him take the cranberry stuff home, as well as the extra chow fun and pepper shrimp.


Suzycat said...

Your thanksgiving sounds so much better than mine. I'm envious.


But perhaps you could go home for a week during Christmas? Lots of people do.