Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How awful!!!!!

One of the blogs I read has awful news! A friend of his died! And he thinks it was by murder!

I did not know who mr. Kliman was until I looked him up on the internet. And I do not know what to think about him now. Some people on Indybay wrote that he was a violent sexist, but elsewhere it says that he was a doctor and had a gentle bedside manner, and that certainly seems more likely. Many of the photos I've seen show him smiling.

The Back of the hill lists several good reasons for not believing that it was an accident. But why would the police want to lie? Or the building manager?
Stuff like this goes on in places like France or Egypt, NOT IN SAN FRANCISCO.
I hope someone is comforting his mom. She must be so sad right now.

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Suzycat said...

I saw it also. Horrible. Thank you for linking to it. People need to know.