Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hah! Festivus!

On Jerry Seinfeld Costanza's dad invented Festivus. For all of us who are sick of Christmas. But it wouldn't work.

Wrestling the head of the household down to the floor, for one thing. My brothers would never do that! And I couldn't list MY grievances either!!!!!!!! For one thing, I have to live here. And for another, everyone would immediately start arguing and just not stop. What a horrible Christmas THAT would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Costanza is not Chinese!!!!!

Besides, panetone is available only once a year. Who would want to miss that?

The good news is that I got all my shopping done. But there better be some red envelopes tomorrow, I'm flat broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The back of the hill said...

Toast the panetone and butter it. Great with hot-chocolate (especially if you've added half a "cap" full of something fiery to the hot chocolate.

Not that you should do such a thing for another six years. It being illegal. And unhelathy. And likely to cause birth defects if you're within the jursidiction of the state of California.

Little girls should NOT drink Hennesey. Or even whiskey. Heaven forfend.

Try rum instead. Meyers rum is a great "cooking" liquor.