Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Frost Nixon

I want to see the movie "Frost/Nixon" later this month. It's not a christmas movie, so there won't be screaming children and angry parents in the audience. Well, maybe just the angry parents. But they will be very quiet.
The movie is about the interviews Frost did with Nixon in 1977.

Everyone born after Nixon resigned only knows that he was a dishonest man. The interviews show that it is more complicated than that. We've all heard of Watergate and the Vietnam war, but those are so long ago we don't see how complex things were. Some people lived through those years, but we're only studying that time. Everything was so different then.

But there are two things that are exactly the same. The idea that the president can do whatever she wants without consequence, and the horrid retro-seventies clothing. Is there a link between crippled ethics and polyester?

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