Saturday, December 6, 2008

What on earth is a zesty crumpet?

There's this boy Warren who takes some of the same classes as me, who says hi everytime he sees me. He's kinda cute. If you like geeks. With bottlebottom glasses. He always smiles at me when I pass him and his friends hanging out near the stairs. It's embarrasing so I always look down and I often take the other stairs instead, even when it's the long way around.

Yesterday he called me Zesty Crumpet as I passed. I have nooooo frigging!!!! idea what he meant by that!!! Does that mean he likes me???? I hope he doesn't do that when there are other people around, I could just die!


Anonymous said...

What on earth is a zesty crumpet?

Apparently, you are.

Spiros said...

A "zesty crumpet" is an oxymoron.


Oxymoron: a detergent which needs no instructions for use.


Anonymous said...

I suggest the following:

Purchase a bagel. When you know or figure that this boy will be around, whip out that bagel and take a bite. When he sees you, push the envelope and tell him that you're not the crumpet type, but you'd like to share some bagels with him sometime at a cafe.

If he pushes for a time and place right then and there, don't give in. The next time you see him, open a dialog about a time and place then. Keep him guessing.

When and if you two do set at "date" for the cafe (or wherever bagels are served), each of you can arrive separately, and leave separately. First rule of dating...PLAY IT SAFE.

Crumpog! said...

That simply opens up the whole cream cheese issue.

The eggman animal said...

I am the crumpet, I am the muffin, goo goo ga choo!