Friday, December 26, 2008

Underwear and bleary eyes

Hooray, I did get new panties!!!!!!!! Mom is good that way. And even though they don't have happy frogs or penguins, I still can't wear them on pe days. Because of little flowers. But they are all cotton!!!!!!!!!!!

The ones I bought myself with the lacy edges are hidden inside Mickey's pants near his but. She'll never find them or even know that I have them, I hope. They are scandalous!!!!!!!!!!!

And she won't find out about the Hennesey either, coz I disabled the lock. It took five minutes with a screw driver after she left this morning for the big sale. So I don't have to keep that nasty stuff in my room, but I can still grab it when I really really need to get to sleep. Except that it leaves me feeling bleary eyed like I've got a cold or the flu.

I've seen some people drink lots of it, but that's just nuts. It's not quite as bad as beer, which tastes like spoiled rice porridge (with cheese!), but it burns and nearly makes you choke.
Plus I turned bright red and had to go to bed early. Maybe men don't get that. They're probably insensitive little creatures.


The back of the hill said...

Men insensitive?

That hurts.

Anonymous said...

Men dense. No grasp hurt.

The back of the hill said...


I will hurt you. You grasp?