Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All the weirdoes went to Vegas?

I am sooo surprised! The usual gang of weirdoes and perverts haven't put ANY suggestive comments underneath the last post!

I guess they've all gone to Vegas for Christmas, like uncle Fatty. Which is a cheap cop-out. At least auntie Wah and uncle Booboo are still around to get and give headaches and nauseated feelings in their stomachs, along with all the rest of us. I really hope we have duck and char-siu this year instead of turkey.

I still have sooo much shopping to do, and only one more day to do it in. I swear, if I get half a chance, I'm swiping that bottle of Hennesey left over from Mei's wedding four years ago. Noone gonna miss it. And stupid holidays are the perfect time to develope a grownup appreciation of hooch. If only it didn't taste so sharp and bitter!


But maybe not really!!!!!!!!!

I'll just have to hit up the Caffe Trieste early and get fuelled. It's gonna be a long day. Christmas stinks.


Spiros said...

I'll see you at the Trieste, but I won't recognize you (unless you flash your Hello Kitty panties, "Basic Instinct" style); I'm the guy sitting in the corner, looking very much like a young Greek God.

inquisitively amphibious said...

Is Auntie Wah going to bring her gwailo pervert with her?

The back of the hill said...

Spiros, I am shocked at you suggesting to a teenager that she should flash her underwear!

That's something Grant Patel might do.

You've had to much eggnog.

The back of the hill said...

And, based on my personal experience, it is highly unlikely that anutie Wah will be bringing her big white boyfriend with her.
Somehow gweilohs do not rank as family when the older generation are still alive.

Spiros said...

If Grant Patel goes about flashing his underwear, I surely don't need to hear about it.

The back of the hill said...

I would imagine Grant Patel keeps his collection of underwear under glass, with little scholarly labels stating material, derivation, and last occupant. Sort of a museum of frill-scanty.

Parsee are subject to obsessions. Did you know that?