Friday, December 19, 2008

What's white and green and happy?

Perhaps I should ask auntie Wah where her big white boyfriend got the Hello Kitty panties. If they have them in size five small, maybe they also have them in size four xs?

I really want panties with happy frogs on them. Or penguins. Which I wouldn't wear to school on p.e. days. Plain cotton and happy frogs. Is that too much to ask?


The back of the hill said...

Judging by Spiros' comment under the post subsequent to this, not all of the perverts have gone to Vegas.

I guess that was too much to ask, eh?

The back of the hill said...

I'm tempted to see if I can find happy frogs in size four extra small.

On the internet, that is. So that you can click on a link. Or a number of links.

Think of it as an intellectual challenge.

Get Booboo or auntie Wah to contribute funds via credit-card to a Paypal account in your name, so that even without actual plastic of your own you will be able to arrange a purchase.