Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy pajamas

I'm so jealous! It was auntie Wah's birthday the other day, and she has been boasting about her big white boyfriend! They've been living together for years!
Well, he really isn't big. He's only five nine. But he is white.

He gave her lobster and chocolate and perfume and roast duck and soy-sauce squab and happy pajamas and Hello Kitty Panties. And that is everything I want for christmas!

But I don't need the big white boyfriend. I don't even want to borrow hers. Big white boyfriends just aren't a good idea. Sorry!

I just need the happy pajamas and the Hello Kitty Panties.
And the lobster.
Maybe I'll even pass on the Hello Kitty Panties. Auntie Wah said that he knew (!) what her panty size was (5/S), but I don't want to tell ANYONE what size I wear!!! A man who gives a woman Hello Kitty Panties is just too much interested in some things only!
Especially!!! if he's a big white boyfriend.

But, anytime you find frog pajamas, let me know. Frog pajamas! Frog pajamas! Happy frogs all over pajamas! Yay!


Herbert the pervert said...

What size pajamas?

Anonymous said...

Any size. Girls look divine in baggy pajamas.

---Pattidev Garhawal

The back of the hill said...

Mr. Garhawal,

That is neither the point, nor appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Garhawal-saheb, step AWAY from the teenager in loose pajamas! Now!

Damn' desi perverts, what is this world coming to?

---Grant the Prurient


Grant multinames, I believe that you and Pattidev are one and the same.
You aren't fooling me.

Anonymous said...


Oh yes.

---Grant Patel

The back of the hill said...

Down boy!