Thursday, December 25, 2008

Victory is mine!


Found it!!!!!!!!!!!

Got the bottle!!!!!!!!!!

I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But now what do I do? It tastes nasty! Horrid!

I'll try half a capfull in hot chocolate, maybe that way I can actually swallow it. It smells like fruity glue or chemical cleaners. Does whisky taste any better?

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The back of the hill said...

Does whisky taste any better?

Only if you are used to, or like, the taste of distilled beverages.

My guess is that you will not ever develope that taste. A capfull in a hot sweet drink is probably more than enough for you - and, in that you are not of legal drinking age, I must add that I formulaicly disapprove, did not read this post, and did not give this advice.

Try creme de cacao sometime in your hot-chocolate. Intense.