Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grant Patel is a republican!

I can't believe it! I got an e-mail from a dating site! And I very strongly suspect KNOW !!! that the instigator is Grant Patel getting even with me.

Here's what it is:
R6JUDD - has invited you to join the worlds largest casual online dating site!
Your friend "hello" wants you to join them at Online Booty Call (OBC), the hottest dating site for singles who enjoy being single. Millions have already registered and thousands join daily.

Grant, you are disgusting. Online Booty Call Indeed! What ARE YOU THINKING!!!?!??!??!
Don'tEVER send me anything like that again. Even if I was an adult yet, I would NOT WANT TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!
Dating and staying single are contradictory, they do NOT GO TOGETHER! They are at cross-purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What possessed you, Grant, to send me spam from a claering house of perverts and fiends!?!??!
I live in San Francisco!!! I can find all the perverts I want without the internet right on Broadway. Wihtout even trying!


Anonymous said...

I am a registered Plutocrat, not a Republican.

And I would NEVER do such a thing! I know better than to put it in writing.

It was probably either the Amphibianut or the Hill thing.

More likely the hill trog - he's precisely the kind to engage in such acts.

A deviant, and you should stay away from him!

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

I worry about your morals, sweetie, hanging out with middle aged old pervs like him.

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

Really, you should seek the company of more wholesome and cleanliving people.

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

People such as nice Parsee boys from Bombay who work in Palo Alto, and visit the SF office on alternate Tuesdays.

Who would benefit most marvelously from charming company for lunch.

Green Panties

Anonymous said...

Or pie at a bakery on Stockton Street.

Mmmmmm, cream .... pie!

With coffee to wake you up.

---Grainy Postern

The back of the hill said...

hanging out with middle aged old pervs like him

Zoals de waard is vertrouwd hij zijn gasten.

And would that she were indeed hanging out withe me.

Anonymous said...

Atboth, what mean you by gibbering in German? No one understand that heathen grunty speak here.

Pie, I say. Pie. And buns!

---Gregorius von Packingsnutberg

Anonymous said...

Can anyone provide me with the webaddress of that site?

Online Batty Call looks interesting.
Depraved, but interesting.

Are there any teenagers signed up?

One has to ask. One never knows.

---Grogtroll Pintersnott

solicitously amphibious said...

How's the Viagara working for you, Mr. Patel?

The back of the hill said...

Methinks Mr. Patel should exchange the viagra for the valium.

Dating said...

Can anyone provide me with the webaddress of that site?