Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm rich!

Laysee (利是 also 利事) in bucket loads. To quote Dave Chapell, "I'm rich, beeyatch!"
More or less. Made out like a bandit.
It pays to be the youngest.
Thanks Wah, Booboo, Fatty, Granny, Mom, Dad, Bros, and everybody!

I guess I can afford all the nice cotton panties my little heart desires.
Except I'll probably outgrow them (I hope!).
I wish I could buy a couple of extra inches height with my new year's money. Now that would be real cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Two of my favourite subjects - bribes and red panties. In one post too. Oh happy day!!!!

---Pervais Garuntollocks

Anonymous said...

I'm melting. I'm melting!

---Prudence Grantipinks

Anonymous said...

Pnties!!!! Oh!!!

---Pronto Griefstrike

The back of the hill said...

No, Grant, the subject is laysi. Which, as someone who is CLEARLY unmarried (well nigh unmarriageable, I should think), you too could capitalize on.

And by the way, women go through underwear faster than men. They're a bit more, how shall I put it, choosy. Unlike bachelors such as yourself. Who probably still have the worn-out boxers that you first bought as an adult back in college, now faded and parchment like, elastic all lespung. But still capable of leaving welts and causing calluses.

Women's underwear also wears out faster. Thinner and finer material.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Atbother, you would know all about women's underwear, wouldn't you. A groisse pervert, you is.

---Grundilbhai Pontarifickle

Anonymous said...

Heavens, this blog attracts the cheesy perverts.


---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

Amphibian, even

---Grant Patel

squeamishly amphibious said...

You know, I really didn't need to hear about Mr. Patel's undergarments.