Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ten whole days!!!!

School started again and I'm swamped! AND I HAD TO WATCH A STUPID BASKETBALL GAME TODAY!

Can I just say that in the great scheme of things, boys playing basketball is just not up there?
I mean, even if you LIKE sweaty boys, which is not entirely unlikely, some people do, especially in this city, I could mention names (but I probably shouldn't), this just isn't the best show on earth. School spirit has sunk to a new low.
At least I got out of girls basketball yesterday.

Too many text books, too many classes. Too many basketballs.

Not enough Hello Kitty.

Unprintable exclamation left to the readers imagination here.
And a frowny face.


The back of the hill said...

A minyan of yomim.


What means?


Wiki: A minyan (Hebrew: מנין‎ lit. to count, number; pl. minyanim) in Judaism refers to the quorum required for certain religious obligations. The traditional minyan for most cases consists of ten men, which continues to be the position with Orthodox Judaism. However, Conservative Judaism and Reform Judaism accept women in the minyan.


Freehostia: Word analyse:
yomim consists of 5 letters
There are 3 vowels and 2 consonants
Sum letter value: 75
Random number associated with yomim: 433
Reverse form: yomim-mimoy
Palindrom: no, yomim is not a palindrom
If we were to concatenate yomim with 's' and 'es' we would get: yomims or yomimes.

If yom is a plural, which I think it must be (see plural for minyan mentioned upstairs), then what you are saying is "a minimum number of days". Days what?

You also speak English?
I ask that not sarcastically, but in utter friendship.


If yom is a plural

If yomIM is a plural! YoMIM


Sorry, I mistyped.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, ATBOTH is just nuts. Who knows what he meant by that comment.

I, on the other hand, love the idea of sweaty boys and girls. I will be your proxy for basket-watching any day.

---Green Punt

The back of the hill said...


Both 'a counting of days', and 'an accounting of days'.

Grant (Green Punt?!?!?!!!!!),

You are both nuts AND a pervert. You should not be here. When did they let you out, and why aren't you taking your meds?

Sweaty boys and girls, indeed! Forsooth!